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10 years old Site with 11,856 uniques/mo making $1,600/month! with no ...

Shape Copy

PR5 Technology Blog & App on AUTOPILOT - 3.9M Page Views, $15,500 Mont...

Unique SaaS platform for app developers. Over $9k invested in developm...

18 Million registered users. Highly viral social platform. Strong doma...

Site with 2,598 uniques/mo making $1,300/mo

18 year-old gaming site with 30,000 uniques/mo making $300/mo

SMSy - Chinese Premium Domain for your SMS, Chat Website or App

Reverse Search Engine (website + crawler + DB) 19k unq, making $671/m...

This is the perfect passive income business. 4,563 uniques/mo making $...

Sales $9.75k/mth. 1030 uniques in 8 mths.

Respectable site with a 8 year reputation that averages 200,000 page v... - 1$ reserve auction - Rare 3 LLL .com domain for sale

Site with 12k+ uniques/mo making $935/mo. incl social media w/ over 32...

JUP.COM - Domain Speak itself

10 Years Old, PR6, 43k Members, 7,400 uniques/mo, $775/mo passive inco...
.net 18 years old domain + Website, and 3 other domain name includ...

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