Our Story

What’s Flippa?

Flippa is the entrepreneur’s marketplace. We’re the world’s number one marketplace for buying and selling websites, domains and apps.

Buyers love Flippa due to the extensive inventory to suit a range of investors. In fact more than 1,000 new businesses are listed for sale on Flippa every single day. As the first and leading marketplace for entrepreneurs, we’ve built a buying experience that is second to none, it’s simple and secure.

Sellers use Flippa due to it having the highest sales rate in the industry—primarily due to the massive size and quality of the Flippa buyer audience. Every month on Flippa over $2m of businesses are sold.

A few stats for the left-brainers among us:

  • Over 600,000 users have registered to buy or sell on Flippa
  • A bid is placed on a Flippa auction every minute
  • More than 2,500 buyers and sellers are online every minute of the day
  • In the last 12 months 300,000 bids were placed and nearly 23,000 business were sold on Flippa!
  • Alexa puts Flippa in the top 1,000 sites worldwide

The success of Flippa is due in no small part to the passionate people in our software development and customer support teams that live, eat, and breathe everything Internet. Flippa is part of the large and nurturing SitePoint family of web start-ups that includes 99designs, Learnable, Influx.com, and SitePoint.com.

History of Flippa

The roots of Flippa hark back to the original SitePoint Marketplace in 2005. While enterprising internet practitioners were listing all things Internet-related on the marketplace, the transaction volume of websites began to explode.

Flippa was born when website listings were spun out of the marketplace in June 2009 to establish the world’s largest dedicated platform for buying and selling websites.

Flippa’s position as the top destination for reaching website buyers, quickly evolved into a destination for domainers and app entrepreneurs to do business.


Investors in Flippa include Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz, the founders of the successful online media and publishing company SitePoint and also 99designs, along with internet pioneer and entrepreneur Leni Mayo, and previous CEO of Hitwise, Andrew Walsh.