When it comes to eCommerce, launching a website is fairly easy. The real challenge lies in getting visitors from all over the web to land on your website. It makes absolute sense that as many as 63% of marketers highlight generating traffic and leads as their top marketing challenges, which is why SEO on your eCommerce website is just as important as the items that you’re selling. 

So, how do you manage to reach thousands (and millions) of potential customers? The answer is search engine optimization (SEO). 

Unfortunately, implementing SEO for an eCommerce website can be both difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are many online tools for SEO research that will help you increase your traffic and generate more leads. 

Not particularly sure where to begin? This article is a great start! We’ve gathered the best tools to help your small eCommerce website reach its SEO potential. 

Moz Pro

moz pro seo optimizations for ecommerce site

Moz is a popular all-in-one SEO tool that can help you generate more traffic and leads. Moz Pro offers various tools to help you with the following: 

  • Keyword management 
  • Comprehensive reporting 
  • Search position monitoring 

Moz Pro provides a user-friendly website, which is a great plus if you’re not an SEO professional. 

There is a Google Chrome extension, called the Moz Bar. It allows you to manage updates of your eCommerce website right from your browser. 

Moz’s Keyword Explorer is an extremely useful SEO research tool. It uses a unique formula to show the keyword difficulty score based on page/domain rank and authority, current rankings, competitors, and other indicators. You can also compare keyword difficulty and explore alternative keywords. 

Another one of Moz’s features, the On-Page Grader, analyzes, and grades URLs based on their quality and relevance to a specific keyword. 


semrush seo optimizations for ecommerce site

SEMrush is another all-in-one SEO resource trusted by eCommerce professionals and big names, including eBay, Booking.com, Quora, and Flippa. The platform is suitable for beginners and doesn’t require you to be a SEO pro to start. 

The platform offers a dedicated eCommerce plan that helps online stores to improve their SEO efforts. SEMrush provides all tools necessary to optimize your online store, research keywords, explore backlinks, and other recommendations. 

Also, you can build, manage, and personalize custom-made SEO reports. This is particularly important because regular reports will help you keep track of your improvements and continually check on SEO potential for your eCommerce site. 

A Domain vs. Domain is another great feature. It is helpful in understanding your place in the competition as it allows you to compare your eCommerce website to competitors. 

Finally, if you are looking to acquire a website that comes with a history of good SEO rather than build a site yourself, Flippa has recently integrated with SEMrush, providing insights directly on each listing. This integration provides a quick view at top data points such as backlinks and referring domains and extends the option to purchase a report of over 150 data insights for just $10. This is an easy and cheap way to get an independent reading of just how qualified a website might be before you choose to purchase it.

flippa semrush integration

Keyword Keg 

keyword keg keyword finder ecommerce optimization

Keyword Keg is premium software that offers five dedicated SEO research tools, all of which are great for judging the potential of your eCommerce site. The first tool, called Find Keywords, allows you to search thousands of keywords with crucial SEO metrics. Additionally, you can find keywords based on the following criteria: 

  • Product info – keywords with phrases like ‘best’, ‘top’, and ‘review’ indicate that a user is looking for a product.  
  • Buyer intent – keywords with words like ‘buy’, ‘deal’, and ‘discount’ indicate that a user intends to purchase products sometime soon. 
  • Questions – keywords with questions are helpful if your eCommerce website has a blog section. Answering the most popular user questions will help you improve organic traffic and generate more leads. If you’re struggling to launch a blog section of your site, make sure to delegate these responsibilities to professionals. Seek out for help in a blog or an essay writing service

Import Keywords is another useful tool that allows you to analyze metrics for keywords that you already have. Related Keywords is a third SEO tool that shows you all related keywords along with volume, CPC, COMP, value, difficulty, and other important metrics. 

Besides the listed SEO tools, Keyword Keg offers People Also Ask For Keywords and Merge Words features for even more keyword control. 

Answer the Public 

find the best keywords for your ecommerce site

Answer the Public is a free SEO research tool known for its useful features and creative interface. With Answer the Public, you can easily find keywords for your eCommerce blog. The service shows you all related questions that users ask on blogs, forums, and social media. 

You’ll be surprised to learn how many users google the vs. comparison between products. Answer the Public addresses these searches with a specific feature that shows only the ‘versus’, ‘like’, ‘vs.’, and related results. 

Answer the Public’s interface is another advantage worth mentioning. All keywords are displayed in a beautifully designed diagram which allows you to visualize the whole spectrum of related keywords.


seo optimization for amazon

Why not leverage the SEO potential of one of the biggest eCommerce platforms on the web? Amazon is famous not only for its gigantic online store but also for the opportunities it presents to their online users. 

EasyAzon is a WordPress plugin that allows you to link to your Amazon products via your website.

The plugin makes it easy for you to link your products and manage SEO. As a result, you’ll get efficiently optimized products displayed on your website linking back to the corresponding Amazon pages. 

So, if you have a WordPress-powered online store and you are selling on Amazon, this plugin is perfect for you. 

Final thoughts 

Understanding keywords allows you to come up with creative content ideas, better target your audience with relevant information, and improve your organic traffic. All of the above tools are great if you want to expand the SEO potential of your online store. 

Keep in mind that the world of search engine optimization has a lot in store for you. Never stop exploring new SEO features and tools and if you want to go an extra mile, there are always interesting SEO products available to purchase on Flippa and manage yourself.

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