10 Untapped Ecommerce Niches

There is no better time to enter the market if you have a budding Ecommerce business idea. The Ecommerce market generated 14.34 billion visits in March 2020, with an annual growth rate of 14.2%. By 2024, experts predict online retailers will see sales reach $6 trillion

What is an Ecommerce niche?

A niche Ecommerce product is a specific, smaller subsection of a broader market. A niche for Ecommerce could be anything from home gym equipment to organic food. There are many benefits of finding a niche, such as:

  • Lower barriers to entry as there is less competition.
  • The ability to grow profits at a significantly faster rate.
  • The potential to grow a side hustle into an empire.

Success stories include bringing niche Japanese snacks to the mainstream market. Read on to discover some top untapped Ecommerce niche business ideas.

1. Technology and home office equipment

Working from home is a growing trend, and more than 4.7 million people in the US work from home at least part-time. That’s a significant customer base to exploit. 

Many Ecommerce sites have begun selling home office equipment. Can you think of unique technology and home office products to sell? Try to branch out from the usual products, such as desktop monitors. Consider office equipment that makes work-life more enjoyable.

2. Home gym and fitness gear 

Similarly, when gyms shut in March 2020, many gym and fitness equipment brands saw growing customer bases. You might sell gym equipment, such as treadmills, dumbbells, or fitness technology. A home gym and fitness Ecommerce store has excellent potential as many are still hesitant to return to in-person gyms.

3. Entertainment

Home entertainment is a growing online business. Many people used lockdowns throughout 2020 to get creative — a trend that isn’t going anywhere. An entertainment niche example might be video games or creative print-on-demand activities, such as origami. 

Alternatively, consider selling old board games or jigsaw puzzles in a world that loves nostalgia.

The entertainment industry is broad; you’ll always find profitable Ecommerce niches with any entertaining digital product.

Start entertaining by buying an Ecommerce business today.

4. Pet products

There are infinite opportunities to develop a niche within the pet products industry. You could start selling anything from pet food to clothing or lifestyle products pet owners will love. It’s a prolific business idea. 

You might start with a niche pet product, such as custom dog jumpers, and build your inventory to include natural foods, tick repellants, outdoor gear, toys, and beds. You may even want to look into reviewing popular products as an affiliate marketer, as there are many popular sites in the niche receiving 10,000 + views on each review. Furthermore, consider different pets to the usual fish, dogs, or cats. Can you sell a product online for horses, lizards, tortoises, or even chickens?

5. Men’s grooming products 

Male grooming products are still relatively niche. Ecommerce has enabled men to buy products like beard oil more efficiently. Many male grooming sites aim to make the process easier and more educational. It’s worth considering male grooming product ideas to find profitable niches.

6. DIY and home improvement

Many homeowners started or planned home improvements throughout the lockdown. Many of these projects continue into 2022. However, DIY Ecommerce trends are unlikely to fade away. Anything from decoration tools to gardening equipment will do well in your online store. The trick is to find a specific product to start selling in the DIY market. 

7. Eco-friendly products

Research shows a 71% increase in searches for eco-friendly products and sustainable Ecommerce brands over the last five years. Metal straws, bamboo toothbrushes, and plastic-free soaps are increasingly popular niche products. 

Consider the everyday items you use — is there a more sustainable version available? If not, can you create products to fill these specific niches? The green industry is not just about selling products that don’t harm the planet. It would help if you also considered zero-carbon packaging and eco-friendly shipping solutions.

8. Food, drink, and cooking 

Food and drink are always popular trends. However, the last few years have driven the desire to create restaurant-quality food at home. If you’re adept at cooking, consider how you could sell kitchen appliances, an online course on cooking, or offer meal subscription boxes to your customers.

Think about how to make your services unique; perhaps opt for a nutritious meal replacement alternative. To encourage a broad customer base, try not to create recipes that need specialist kitchen equipment — unless you also sell the product.

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen… and into Ecommerce

9. Beauty, cosmetics, and skincare products

Health and beauty always have been and always will be a big business. Ecommerce enables anyone to sell natural products and handmade jewelry. Whether your beauty products include vegan and cruelty-free toothpaste, soaps, or other natural skincare products, the industry offers excellent potential for cosmetics in the skincare niche. You could also consider offering an online course teaching people how to do something specifically, for example, to become a nail technician.

Ready to get into the beauty industry

10. CBD products

With CBD products now legal, this niche market has incredible growth potential. With everything from CBD oils for pets to pain management, Ecommerce store owners would be wise to tap into this growing industry. Make sure to research the licensing and legalities of selling CBD products in your state.

It would be safe to say that there are many other niche industries that have massive Ecommerce potential. The trick is to find something you’re passionate about, so when you end up spending a huge amount of your time on the project, you will enjoy the ride.

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