Revealed: Website Niches with the Highest Chance of Selling, and more!

Ever wondered how to maximize your chances of a successful website sale?

We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions by sellers on Flippa, collected the stats, and we’re revealing all the answers you’ve been dying to know.

Here’s some of the things we’re looking at today:

  • Niches with the highest chance of selling
  • The most watched site type
  • Niches that fetch the highest price
  • The niches with high demand but low supply
  • The site type with the highest sell rate
  • Most watched monetization methods
  • Popular searches on Flippa

What Buyers are Looking for on Flippa

We talked to a few of our buyers to try and better understand what they’re looking for in a Starter Site.  Besides the overall quality of a website, buyers consider 2 other factors when choosing a website:

  1. A niche they understand, and
  2. An affordable price.

Most users find listings in two ways: by searching for a listing, or using the Category page found on the top navigation bar. It’s therefore important to correctly place yourself in the correct niche.

The Niches with the Highest Chance of Selling

Websites in the following niches and sub-niches are the most likely to be successfully sold:

  • Health and Beauty is tied with Home and Garden for the niche with the highest sell rate.
  • Pets, Cooking and Recipes, Camping, Hunting, and Vacation, Holiday and Resorts are sub-niches with the highest sell rates.

Niches & sub-niches with highest clearance

The Niches That Buyers Are Most Interested in

These niches and sub-niches garner the most attention. Buyers think the websites in these niches are so tempting, they put a lot of them in their watchlist so that they won’t miss out on important updates.

  • Health and Beauty is the most watched niche.
  • The most watched sub-niches are Social Media, Internet Marketing, SEO and Finance.

Niches & sub-niches that are most watched

The Niches That Fetch the Highest Prices

The following niches and sub-niches are on average what buyers pay the most for:

  • Design and Style and Automative are the niches that have the highest median sales value.
  • Logos, Hair & Hair Loss and Tattoo are sub-niches with the highest median sales value.

Niches & sub-niches with the highest median sale values

The Niches with High Demand and Low Supply

These sub-niches get significant interest from buyers, but are low in supply:

  • Pets, Baby, Weight Loss, Gaming, Fitness, and Website Design are sub-niches that are highly popular with buyers but there are few websites available for sale.

Websites with high demand & low supply

The Best Types of Websites to Have

Besides niches, websites are also categorized by Site Type. Here are the 2 website types worth keeping an eye on:

  • Services websites have the highest sell rate

Site Type with the highest clearance rate

  • eCommerce websites are the most watched Site TypeMost watched Site Type

The Most Watched Monetization Method

  • ECommerce, AdSense, Clickbank and Dropship are the most watched monetization methods.

The most watched monetization methods


The Most Watched Platform (by Far)

  • By far and large, the most watched platform on Flippa (which comes to no one’s surprise)…is WordPress.

Most watched implementation platform

What Buyers Are Searching for on Flippa

These are the most searched terms on Flippa overall:

Most searched terms on Flippa

What stands out immediately is that wallpaper websites are surprisingly a popular category of it’s own. Apart from that, the diverse range of websites that Flippa buyers are searching for truly is impressive – from Amazon affiliate websites, SaaS products, to Bitcoin-related websites.

We’re the largest marketplace for websites, it makes sense that we’ll have all sorts of buyers looking for websites of all types.

Most popular search terms (Starter Sites)

These are the most search terms for Starter Sites:

Most searched terms on Flippa

Starter Store buyers looking for different things – websites that are closely aligned to their passions and interests, and something they’ll have fun running while earning a little bit of revenue from.

How Starter Sites Get Sold

We’ve found that Starter Sites bought through bids outnumber those bought through the Buy It Now option over 2:1. But surprisingly, most Starter Sites don’t get sold through bids nor the Buy It Now option…

How Starter Sites are sold

In fact,  57% of Starter Sites are sold after the auction ends. This is great news for Flippa sellers who didn’t get to sell their website during the auction period – as long as you’ve listed your Starter Site, it’s likely that an interested buyer is just around the corner ready to make you an offer for your website.

Over to you…

So, what do you think of all this new information?

We hope you’ve found this insightful. Let us know what you’d like to know more about in the comments below!

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