When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are three things that really move the needle.

Your traffic, commission rate, and the conversion rate of your affiliate partners website. While you can control your traffic (to some level) your bank account cash flow will really depend on things outside of your control.

These days, affiliate marketers are feeling the sting from Amazons sudden drop in commission rates (despite Amazon’s record breaking profits). Many are looking for alternative high paying commission programs to either replace or supplement Amazon. 

At the surface level, Walmart makes sense. They are well known, trusted, and have a huge customer base. But is the Walmart affiliate marketing program worth it?

In this Walmart affiliate program review you learn how to get started and if it’s actually worth it.

Let’s dive in.

Amazon Vs. Walmart

Although Amazon sales dwarfs Walmart’s and this company is a true frontrunner in North America, Walmart still holds its own. With so many products sold by Walmart, shoppers know Walmart likely sells what they need. 

Also, it’s a known commodity. With Walmart brick-and-mortar shops likely right around the corner from where shoppers live, they’ve probably stopped at Walmart a few times in the past. 

Both the convenience of online shopping and the known quality of the Walmart name, make buying these products online a sure-fire way to get what’s needed and do it from the comfort of the customer’s own home.   

It’s often best to see the details in chart form. The following provides a list of the top ecommerce retailers. You’ll see that Walmart is right up there in the top ten list, behind Amazon and eBay:

The Walmart affiliate platform gives you a way to use your website to make money. And Walmart is a name that people trust. This name attracts shoppers who will click on the affiliate links on your site. And this means cash for you!

The Walmart name provides a familiarity for shoppers and lets them know they’re being directed to a site they know and love. Since Walmart has such a huge following, you can make a lot of money on commissions using the Walmart affiliate program.  

As you’ll see later in this post, Walmart’s commision rates for the Walmart affiliate program are similar to Amazon Associates. However, when it comes to an online presence, Amazon is king.

The above chart shows the Amazon and Walmart web traffic from August 2019 to August 2020. Amazon started out much higher than Walmart in organic traffic and statistics from August 2020 show that Amazon had a noticeable increase within just one month’s time.

But Amazon isn’t seeing repeat customers like in the past. Data published by First Insight showed that the frequency of individuals purchasing products from Amazon six or more times each month dropped to 40% in 2019 compared to 80% in 2017. 

In the alternative, Walmart isn’t decreasing in traffic and is in fact seeing an increase in the amount of traffic in August 2020. Walmart seems to be gaining ground and if they do make significant strides, you’d want to be there early to make money off this popularity and increased traffic to the Walmart website. 

How Does the Walmart Affiliate Program Work?

The company uses the highly effective Impact Radius as its service provider, the same provider Target uses for its Target Affiliates program.

More and more of the affiliate programs that I’m signed up with are moving over to Impact Radius and as a user myself, I love it.  Plus, it’s easy to use! When you sign up with the Walmart affiliate program, you’ll get the ball rolling with eye-catching creative designs, unique banner ads, and handy program tools to create your links. 

As you prepare to be a self-starter and sign up for the program, your website needs to adhere to certain requirements to get approved as an affiliate. Your site has to be currently active when you sign up to be a Walmart affiliate. In addition, your website has to be family-friendly and not include any unsavory content. After all, you’ll be linking to a valid Walmart site which is a well-known, family-oriented company. Plus, most of your website traffic has to come from individuals in North America.   

Next, you’ll fill out an application and wait for approval from Walmart. If you’re approved, you can get started earning commissions on successful leads when your site visitors head to the Walmart site and buy the company’s products. 

Once you’ve been approved, you’ll receive a commission of 1-4% or $10 per item for every Walmart product purchased through the link on your site. There are a few products that yield a greater program commission, but most fall within this range. Ultimately, the exact amount of commission structure depends on the type of product sold. 

For example, if you link to products in the baby department, you’ll get 4% commission if the affiliate link follower buys something. However, if you want to up your affiliate game and earn a higher commission, choose an affiliate link to a product like contact lenses, which pays out a 10% commission. And when choosing your products, in addition to commission structure, check out product reviews. 

If you want to earn the most money with regard to commission amount, you should pick products that have the highest commission structure percentage attached to them. Just remember, they might not be the easiest sellers, so you’ll want to include some other, lower commission percentage products, too.  

In comparison, check out the Amazon program fee rates below so you can see how the two online retailers go head-to-head with commission fees: 


You should know, not all Walmart products are available under the Walmart affiliate program. For example, some of the products you can’t link to and earn money from include tires and gift cards, to name two exclusions. 

But, overall, there are plenty of Walmart products you can link to in the Walmart affiliate program and earn a commission from when they’re purchased through a link on your website. 

There’s a bit of time between when the products sell and when you’ll receive payment. You won’t receive payments for two months, so keep this in mind when comparing affiliate programs, as some programs pay faster than others. You might be in a hurry to earn money and as a result want to choose an affiliate program where the payout is received in a speedier fashion. 

How Do I Become an Affiliate for Walmart?

Now that you’ve done a program review, you may be ready to sign your name on the dotted line. So, how do you get started? Quite easily, actually!

When you’re ready to apply, here are the steps to take:

Become a Member of the Walmart Affiliate Link Site

The first step is to become a member of the Walmart Affiliate website. This is a really quick process and it’s the starting point to take part in the process. 

Once you click the “Become a Member” button, you can move on to the next step, which is to fill out an affiliate application.  

Fill out the Walmart Affiliate Application

The application is the next step in sending you on your way to start working with Walmart. 

And, best of all, the application process isn’t that time consuming. As you fill it out, you’ll have to answer questions concerning various topics. These include contact information, type of website, plan to promote Walmart’s products, and more. You’ll then have to sign the agreement.  

Submit the Application

Once the information is filled out, submit the application for review and a Walmart representative will get back to you soon.

Wait for Approval 

After the application is sent over to the Walmart team, you’ll only wait a short time to receive approval or denial. It’s a pretty quick process. It should only take about 24 hours to receive a response. 

And you’ll be happy to know that Walmart is really inclusive with their program. Most applications will be accepted, so long as all the requirements are met by the applicant. 

Start the Campaign

Once you’ve been approved, it’s time to start the campaign and begin generating ads and adding links. 

It’s important to note that Walmart won’t let you use social media directly for the promotions. However, you are allowed to drive traffic to your website where the Walmart links are located if you hook your social media accounts to your website and do it this way. 

As you start your campaign, be sure to take advantage of the many wonderful Walmart tools available to you. 

Walmart Affiliate Tools

Walmart has been in the marketing game for quite awhile. During that time, the company has perfected the use of tools that will help you generate leads and convert those leads into sales. 

Here are some Walmart tools to use:

Walmart Affiliate SDK

One of the top tools you’re going to put to great use with the Walmart affiliate program is the Walmart Affiliate SDK tool. With this handy component, you can add a “Buy Now” button right next to the product. This enables shoppers to easily make a purchase through the link on your site.

When you use this buy now tool, you can make it more likely that shoppers will hit the button and buy the product right away, providing you with a commission.

Walmart Chrome Extension

There are two Walmart Chrome extensions you can use including the official Walmart Chrome extension and Walmart Deals Chrome extension

The Walmart Chrome extension makes it possible for you to generate links as you browse through the website. 

As for the Walmart Deals Chrome extension, you can gain access to various deals for review purposes. However, you’re not able to generate links for your affiliate account through this extension. 

Walmart WordPress Plugin

The only thing worth mentioning about this plugin is that it hasnt been updated in 3 years. Thats an eternity when it comes to WordPress plugins. So if you love using WordPress plugins like AAWP for Amazon, the Walmart WordPress plugin will be a huge disappointment.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Walmart Affiliate Program?

If you want to take part in the Walmart affiliate program and use your content to make money, now’s a great time to do so. But, before you take the final step to become a Walmart affiliate, you should review the pros and cons of the Walmart affiliate program. There are many benefits to being an affiliate for these large retailers but there are also some aspects that might make you look elsewhere.

Pros of the Walmart Program

There are many pros of the Walmart affiliate program including the following: 

  • Large brand recognition
  • Ability to promote over 4 million products offered by Walmart through text links
  • Helpful affiliate SDK tool
  • Professional designs and banner ads you’ll have access to
  • Top-selling product insight to help you choose the products
  • Comprehensive affiliate newsletter

Cons of the Walmart Program

In addition to the benefits of choosing the Walmart program for your affiliate campaign, there are some aspects that might not be as appreciated such as:

  • Walmart commission rates are lower than other company rates
  • Affiliate tools may be outdated
  • You have to select products that aren’t available in your local Walmart
  • Conversion rates aren’t as good as some competitors
  • The affiliate program could use some TLC on the part of the company to make it more lucrative and successful 

What is the Highest Paying Affiliate Program?

Since Walmart commission rates aren’t as high as others you might be wondering which programs are better paying ones. In order to find the highest paying affiliate program that works best for you, follow these tips:

Focus on Your Niche

To start the search, focus on your niche and the retailers who deal with products within it. Once you narrow down the options to the best ones, reach out to the individual retailers and learn more about their programs. You’ll find tons of retailers use these programs as it cuts down on advertising fees. 

If the rates look good and the retailer is one that gets a good amount of business and draws shoppers in with its products, prices, or simply its good name, sign up for the affiliate program.

Choose the Program with the Best Rates

Making money through affiliate programs takes time and time is money. With this in mind, choose the affiliate program that offers the best commission rates. You’ll be able to get the most amount of money in commissions by doing so. 

Consider Cookie Duration

You also have to consider cookie duration. No, we’re not talking about chocolate chip or peanut butter. Cookies track affiliate referrals and have an expiration date. You want to choose an affiliate program with the longest lifespan with cookies. 

If someone visits your site and clicks on the link, they have to buy the product during the cookie duration set by the seller. If they don’t, you don’t earn that commission. 

For example, Amazon has a 24-hour cookie duration while Walmart’s cookie duration is set at three days. 

Remember, not all cookie durations are the same. Even though Amazon and Walmart have a short cookie timeframe, you’ll find that some other online retailers set the cookie length at 30, 60, even 90 days. 

The longer the cookie duration, the better! 

Examples of Other Programs

If you want some examples of affiliate programs in the affiliate network, you can review the details for Amazon Associates where you can earn an average commission of 1-10%. Another affiliate program provider is ClickBank, which is a global retailer which gives you access to a wide array of merchants that set flat fee and percentage rates. 

For an affiliate program by a well-known online shopping site, eBay Partner Network is an option to look into. The commission rate is a bit lower than Amazon but higher than Walmart with the average commission rate of 2-6% being a good example. 

If you want to explore your options further outside of Walmart Affiliates, you can view the programs by companies within your niche and narrow down the options that way.  Authority Hacker also has a great list.

What Well-Known Companies Have Programs for Affiliates?

As you can see from the list above, many companies offer affiliate programs for affiliate marketing purposes. Some may not be familiar to you but other names might be known. 

There are many well-known companies that offer programs of this type. Two of the popular companies listed above are Amazon and eBay. Although these companies are familiar and do a good amount of business, the commission rates aren’t as high as some of the other lesser known names. 

When you go with other companies besides Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, you won’t have the corporate name recognition but you’ll have the opportunity to earn hefty commissions on products if your affiliate marketing leads to a sale on the affiliate company’s site. 

Is the Walmart Affiliate Program Right for Me?

With many affiliate programs available, you’re probably wondering if Walmart’s affiliate program is right for you. Here are some questions to ask:

  • How much program commission can I make by linking to products?
  • What are the conversion rates?
  • How many products can I choose from?
  • How many product categories does Walmart offer?
  • Do I deal with products of the type offered by Walmart?
  • How difficult is the application process?
  • Am I okay with waiting two months to get paid?
  • Are there better options available with regard to program commission structure rates, sale opportunities, and product selection? 

When you consider these things and do a full program review, you can make the best informed decision. You can determine if working as an affiliate through the program Walmart offers is right for you. You can also decide if it’s worth the time and effort it takes to earn commissions on affiliate sales. 

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, I’d say it’s worth testing it out, or adding links to Walmart, Amazon and the brands website and let your users decide – you never know – they might be more comfortable on Walmart. But I wouldn’t go all into to Walmart right now. 

Darren DeMatas

Darren DeMatas

Darren has 15+ years of marketing experience for retail, manufacturing, and internet corporations. Darren has an MBA in Internet Marketing and is the Co-Founder of Ecommerce CEO.