Blogging is the easiest and safest way to earn money online. Whether you’re writing about something you love or about a profitable niche that you’re good at, you can make good money. There are plenty of examples of blogs that do this well.

But, taking the first step into blogging is not easy for everyone. It would help if you prepared yourself by building a website, choosing a niche, and then deciding how to monetize your blog. All this, along with creating consistent content that attracts organic traffic to your portal. 

Sound exhausting? What if we told you we could let you in on some successful blogging tips?

We’ve rounded up these examples of blogs that work in order to learn from their strategies so that you can do your best to build a successful blog of your own.

We’ve classified them according to their respective niches to make the information accessible for you. So let’s get started. 

personal finance blogs

Personal Finance

If you’re someone who takes his finances seriously while looking for ways to increase their daily income, you’re not alone. There are millions of people out there looking for legit financial advice. That’s why the finance blog niche has some famous blog posts examples that work. 

Nerd Wallet

Nerd Wallet has everything a productive blog should include. The blog brings in highly-quality content, including reviews on credit cards, insurance, investments, and mortgages. In short, they have fantastic content on everything that comes under the ‘finance’ heading. 

What makes this site an excellent blogging example is that it works solely on user intent. They concentrate on what their users are searching for and create tailor-made content. The blog earns through affiliate links and commissions. 

Blogging Tip: Concentrate on what your users are searching for and create tailor-made content. Click To Tweet

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is another excellent blog example from the personal finance niche. The blog is founded by Kyle Taylor and gives out advice for people to generate extra income for themselves. 

We love this blog because it started as a personal blog, like any other beginner. Now, it has a huge follower base and makes about $40 million per year. 

One of the strategies they use in their blogs is the storytelling technique. They write case studies and include interviews of people who went out and did it. Naturally, users find this more appealing and believable, as compared to baseless conjectures. 

travel and adventure blogs work

Traveling and Adventure

If you’re looking for exciting blog examples, you should go through travel and adventure blogs. Like any other niche that appeals to the ‘fun-side’ of people worldwide, it’s highly oversaturated. 

However, here are some travel blogs we love that make for great examples. 

Nomadic Matt

Most travel blogs are personal blogs, but Nomadic Matt is one that stands out. The writer started with stories and anecdotes about his travels. Today, his blog has become one of the go-to travel guides in the US. 

What makes his content more appealing is that even today, he writes most of it himself. Despite that, he ranks first on nearly every keyword in the travel niche. 

A great example to take from this blog is the effective diversification of income streams. They’ve created their products and merchandise to generate a stable income, apart from ads and sponsorships. 

Blogging Tip: Diversify your revenue streams using ads, affiliate links, merchandise, sponsorships, and more. Click To Tweet


Unlike typical travel blogs, REI is a blog that focuses on the outdoors. They’ve got content about camping, trekking, hiking, and whatnot. Apart from the basics, they provide useful information regarding the gear and accessories you’ll need on your outdoor endeavors. 

What makes this one of the best blog examples is that it targets a broad audience. Let’s face it; not everyone can afford to travel. More people look for ways to quench their thirst for the outdoors, and REI caters to just that. 

home decor blogs are popular

Home Decor

Your home is not just a haven because it reflects your personality effortlessly. Whether you like it or not, home decor is one of the most important tasks you’ll encounter as an adult. That’s why many blogs are targeting the niche that can provide excellent examples of blogs for a beginner. 

The Home Depot Blog

The Home Depot Blog is built upon two main aspects: quality content and user-friendly design. It focuses on practical advice for homeowners to conduct all kinds of home improvement tasks. 

Most importantly, the blog sets an example by offering content filters on their subtle, well-designed website. It gives an organized aura that the readers can relate to their feelings of an ideal home. 

Another aspect that makes The Home Depot Blog a great example is its interactive and actionable content. Their articles are detailed enough to make tasks easy for all kinds of users. 

Blogging Tip: Offer user friendly design with interactive, actionable content. Make readers feel like a part of the journey. Click To Tweet
mom blogs work very well

Mommy Blogs

For anyone looking for examples of what a blog should include, mommy blogs are the best options. They’re fun, catchy, emotional, and informational all at the same time. Here are some examples of blogs from the mommy niche that we’d recommend for aspiring bloggers. 

Wellness Mama

Mothers are the most caring and devotional beings on this planet, except when it comes to themselves. Wellness Mama dwells on mothers’ need to take care of themselves while managing their family and work like together. 

Their content is compassionate, informational, and connects to their target readers. This helped them develop a strong follower base within a few years. As a blog example, the best strategy you can learn from Wellness Mama is their audience targeting. 

Blogging Tip: Know your audience, not just your topic. If you can relate to your readers, you will go far. Click To Tweet

Nature Mom’s Blog

Unless you live under a rock, new mommy blogs are somethings you see popping up every day. To stand out in the crowd, Nature Mom’s Blog uses a strategy that sets its apart from other homemakers going on about their daily life. 

The owner, Tiffany, uses the two-niche technique to diversify her content and make it more interesting. Besides her family life account, she includes content regarding healthy living and leading a sustainable lifestyle. 

Her blog is the ultimate example of a two-niche blog that works, attributing to her 5000+ followers and subscribers on social media platforms. 

tech blogs are very successful

Tech Blogs

The tech blogging niche has lots of examples of blogs that work. You can see how far a person can go with a passion for technology and a specific target niche. is owned by a guy who writes about the things he loves. He started his blog as a hobby and turned it into a team of writers running a dependable tech information portal. 

The thing people love about this blog is that it caters to tech lovers of all levels. They won’t bombard you with terminologies and hard-to-process pieces of information. However, their content is enjoyable and productive at the same time. 

Blogging Tip: Write about what you love. If you write with passion rather than superfluous words and data, your readers will keep coming back for more. Click To Tweet


ArsTechnica is one of the pioneering blogs in the tech niche. Founded back in 1998, the blog has created a trustworthy image for itself, which is essential considering its niche. Their reviews are something people wait for before buying a new gadget. 

What makes it a great blog example is the analytical approach it takes on daily tech news. While other blogs mainly report the news, ArsTechnica works on the aspects users can take away and benefit from. 


Wrapping this up, let’s map out a concise answer to your question, ‘what are some good blogging examples’? If you use blog examples, you can help craft a vision for a site as well as a brand. There are so many niches, sub-niches and types of blogs out there. That’s why blogging makes for such a great way to make extra money

As a beginner, once you figure out your niche, you should do your research on the top blogs from your niche to find out how they got there. This can be a way for you to emulate some level of success. 

It’s also possible to get a head start by purchasing a blog on Flippa. Just search for content sites and then drill down by industry on the left hand side to find topics that might excite you.

We listed some of the top blogs from major niches in this article and the details about why I take it as an example. It’s always better to learn from the best of them. 

If you’re an aspiring blogger, make sure you know what works and what doesn’t with the audience before you dive in. Once you do that, you’re bound to succeed sooner or later.

Kyle Kroeger

Kyle Kroeger

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