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Whether you’re buying or selling a business, Flippa now offers legal services through ContractsCounsel. 

You can now purchase legal service packages and engage with one of our five vetted, qualified lawyers or purchase one of our specific asset-type template document bundles.

Who is ContractsCounsel? 

ContractsCounsel is a marketplace which allows users to source and compare pricing proposals from vetted lawyers. 

Why Flippa Legal? 

Buying or selling an asset with Flippa Legal allows you to:

  • ensure the sale is legally binding 
  • feel safe and secure with your buying or selling decision 
  • ensure that assets are identified accurately and transferred correctly 
  • avoid and resolve disputes in the future 

Depending on asset type, size, and complexity of your transaction, our packages range from simple/basic to more complex packages for assets exceeding $100,000. 

Our packages include features like document drafting services, revisions, personalized calls, consultations, and more. 

Protect your asset sale or acquisition by learning more on our website at For more questions or information, schedule a meeting with one of our account managers today.

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