First-Time Buyer Acquires Amazon FBA Store for $100,000

First-time Buyer Acquires Amazon FBA Store
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The Company

In 2019, Tim Dowling launched Dumella Limited, an Amazon FBA store with a focus on the fishing and outdoor niche.

As the second most popular recreational sport in the U.S., it’s no wonder that this FBA store was successful, and combined with a unique turn-key business model, the opportunity for growth year over year in the niche was an exciting prospect for many buyers.

The Appeal

After listing on Flippa, the 2 year old FBA store garnered a lot of interest from buyers, resulting in 95 discussions from different buyers throughout the sale process.

At the time of sale, Dumella Limited had a fully-functional eCommerce drop-shipping store with over 700 pages and thousands of individual stock-keeping units (SKU). The FBA store made an average monthly profit of $3.9K, generating $16K in monthly revenue.

The business had an Instagram following of 1,200 followers, Facebook followers of 1,100, a Twitter following of 3,000, and 1,300 email subscriber list. 

Dumella Limited is a thriving, lucrative company that has the potential to continue scaling, generating its revenue primarily through The sale also included a website that was optimized for SEO, had extensive, tailored blog content, and a great user experience. Along with the revenue from the Amazon FBA store, in 2020, the business generated an additional 30% revenue bonus that was not listed at the time of the sale.

The Selling Journey

As Tim’s external businesses required additional attention, he decided to sell this business.

On June 23, 2021, Dumella Limited was listed on Flippa’s marketplace as part of a targeted buyer email outreach initiative from a Flippa Account Manager. 

Later on that day, a buyer named Priya Thakoor responded to the buyer outreach email and was connected with Tim, the seller. 

Details about whether or not the business was a good fit was discussed. After multiple calls and screen sharing, an offer was made on July 7, 2021 for a total $100,000.

For the buyer, the purchasing journey was nothing short of smooth-sailing. As a first time buyer, Prisha purchased a Flippa Due Diligence packaged and received a thorough, vetted process.

 “I have nothing but outstanding things to say about Tim and his business,” Thakoor writes in her transaction feedback. “He has made my first FBA purchase such a pleasure. So organized, honest, detailed and willing to support! A+.”

With Amazon expected to continue growing and the FBA model picking up steam, purchasing an FBA business has never looked more promising. 

If you’re a first time buyer interested in purchasing a business, check out our First-Time Buyer’s Guide.

Or if you’re looking to sell your Amazon FBA store, read our Guide on How to Selling an Amazon FBA Business.

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