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Premium Game Industry Domain Name for Sale - NO RESERVE!

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This premium, highly searched, exact match domain, presents itself with an infinite amount of development possibilities making it an extremely valuable domain!

There is without a doubt a huge value in owning this exact match! But, you can be the judge of that.



Ultra-Premium Domain

Billion dollar industry: Game News, Game Trailers, Game Reviews, Game Info

Average Search Result (keyword): 21,700

Average Search Result (sld):463

Are you a domain reseller looking for that perfect identity for your online store or as a highly liquid inventory?  Well, it doesn't get much better than this!  The most killer brands on the internet are usually the easiest to remember and a name like this is POWERFUL.

Premium Domain Names: What Makes a Domain Name Valuable? Exact match words that name a product, service, industry etc:

A word or two words domain name that speaks to a huge business classification or geographic area (for instance) will dependably order a premium. Samples of this include:,,,, and so on. Names like this are frequently alluded to as classification characterizing space names.          

Brandable Names:

Names like “” or have value as a brand name for a corporation/business. Even though they don’t name an exact product or service, these names are always in demand as branding assets.

The “game” niche is HUGE. Flippa’s analysis on “Top Searched Keywords for October 2016” found that the interest over time for the keyword “game” has increased. An estimate of 30,400,000 monthly searches at Google, a keyword result of 3,600,000,000 pages from Google search, and the fact that “game” is the 28th most popular topic on the internet by domain count means that domains based on “game” has excellent potential. is a great looking domain in this niche. It is an everlasting niche and not a "fad" that will be gone tomorrow.

This domain has tremendous potential for growth. Since it covers a very broad range of topics within the game industry, you could easily take it in any direction you wish. You can continue adding a variety of content or you can focus in on a specific niche if you like.

Many companies have also realized that owning category-defining domain names can boost their existing brands by allowing them to capture online traffic that they might not otherwise receive. For example, whenever internet users type the domain into their browsers, they are directed to, Citi's mortgage page.

“Having a domain name is the first step to your online identity. Whether it is to promote your website, or as part of a more global online strategy, domain names are like the window display of your shop, the neon on top of your club, the plate in front of your cabinet or simply the next call to action on your flyer.”

Easy to Remember Domain: is a straightforward, short, and easy to remember domain that sounds good. Of course, short domain names are harder to find but if you can find one it has a number of advantages such as being easier to brand, easier to remember, and harder to misspell. A sentinel is a watcher and is a term commonly used in games. The name is relevant to any topics that could be promoted related to games.

Advantages of Having your Own Domain:

A domain name is your own unique identity and always will be as long as you continue to use that name.You can promote your website instead of someone else’s when you are sending emails as your domain name will be in the email address.Domain names are so cheap nowadays that there’s no excuse for not having one. Now that you are ready to get yourself a domain name, here are some pointers to help you choose a good one.

Why Buy This Domain:

• Short, Top Level Domain Name:

• You can easily add your desired Affiliate program or you can sell your own ads

• You can easily SEO-optimize the webpage with articles related to game reviews, game trading, game news, and other game-related topics

• You can earn huge profits through “game” Affiliate Products and direct advertisement

Here is the overview of the Keywords you can rank; these are not the exact match domain keyword but the basic niche of the site is related to game, so these keywords can easily rank, but proper SEO is required.

  • “games” receives 37,200,000 searches per month with $1.16 CPC

  • “online games” receives 2,240,000 searches per month with $0.20 CPC

  • “shooting games” receives 2,240,000 searches per month with $0.24 CPC

  • “new games” receives 1,830,000 searches per month with $0.11 CPC

  • “zombie games” receives 1,830,000 searches per month with $0.29 CPC

  • “PC games” receives 550,000 searches per month with $0.38 CPC

  • “gaming news” receives 110,000 searches per month with $0.11 CPC

  • “game reviews” receives 18,100 searches per month with $0.73 CPC


The domain is ready to be set up so you can make a routine passive income with:

Google Adsense Program

Google Adsense is by far the easiest way to make money on the Internet.  The Adsense ads on this site are strategically placed and specially designed to blend in with the rest of the site.

Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Associates program is one of the most respected and favorite affiliate programs on the internet. You can feature your website once setup with an integrated shopping cart showcasing thousands of products for sale.

Clickbank Affiliate Program

Clickbank offer up to 75% commissions so you could easily make up to $150 with just one click! There are many Clickbank affiliates that make in excess of $10,000 a month, while an average figure is between $3,000 - $5,000 per month!

Other Affiliate Programs

Here is the list of the most popular programs available today to monetize the website: Linkshare, Commission Junction, ShareASale, Google Affiliate Network, ClixGalore.

CPA Networks

Same as affiliate networks, but CPA is often used these days. CPA means Cost Per Action, and includes Pay per Lead and Pay per Sale. Some examples are PeerFly, MaxBounty , Neverblue.

Banner/link ads

Placing banners and link ads on your website is another great way to make money with your website.  The way it works is similar to how newspapers make money by selling advertising in their classified ads column

----- SEO -----

This domain can be easily SEO optimized for the best search engine rankings with keyword-rich content.

The entire domain can be targeted towards different fitness-related niches including fitness courses, fitness motivations, fitness communities, and MORE.

After Sales Support

You will not be left hanging once the sale is over. I will be there every step of the way to help make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure your website is up and running. Your satisfaction is of central importance to me.

As an added bonus, BIN Buyers enjoy full “after sales” support for a period of 7 days!




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  •      Questions or concerns?

  •      Please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm happy to help!




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  •      Accepted payments include: PayPal and Flippa Escrow

  •      This domain is registered at NameCheap (I'll push or transfer to your account in NameCheap)




Please don't hesitate to contact me, I’m always glad to help. I frequently offer amazing deals on high quality domain names, so be sure to visit my profile page and click "Watch Seller" so you don't miss out.





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