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Share: First Launched by | PlayList Applet for Easy Listening

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Excellent investment: Premium Domain for Sale:  PlayList. io

The "PlayList" keyword is also extremely valuable, as you can see from similar sales in others:

playlist .fr                                                $ 7,995 USD

video playlist .com                                $ 5,100 USD

Furthermore, .io domains are so valuable because companies that use .io domains are known as being great at what they do.

.io sites are almost artisanal in nature - small, well-crafted and functional. It's like a TLD for techies with taste! They are also short, sound good, and perform well in Google's search results. The reason for this is because they've been added to the geo targetable domains list. This domain would be perfect for a nicely brandable service named "PlayList". As you can see from similar sales below I hope you will agree that .io domains are extremely valuable:

doc .io                                                   $ 24,600                                                   $ 15,000

traffic .io                                              $ 14,000                                                   $ 11,000


WHY SHOULD I BUY THIS DOMAIN? was first launched by The platform enables users to create playlist which can be accessed anywhere and as well listen to music on their list. You can read more here (

This shows that this property has had pre-existing traffic and high quality backlinks. Meaning it require less efforts to rank and build it.

Also lot of the startups that uses .io domains are shown to have successful businesses, and this is further reinforcing the idea that companies that use .io domains are "in the know" of their businesses.

PlayList. io is not just a domain, the word "Playlist" is a targeted word and has a huge search volume.We envision "PlayList. io" being the go-to place for people to create their playlists and listen to them. For you (the buyer) a successful playlist site.

Few reasons why this premium property is a gold mine:

  •         Many Existing Quality Backlinks from High PR Sites e.g Wikipedia (
  •         7,480,000 Average Monthly Searches for the Keyword.
  •         PlayList Average Cost Per Click: $.71USD
  •         Super Easy to rank and Stay Ranked!
  •         Easy to Remember
  •         Domain Name - Easy to brand!
  •         Exact Match.
  •         Has a lot of pre-existing traffic.

Just a few ideas for the future of this property.

  •         Develop the site, let people create their playlists and make huge earnings.
  •         Sell the domain forsix figures to an entertainment or musical company.
  •         Hold the property as aninvestment. Premiumproperties like thisaren't readily available anymore and will onlyincrease in value.
  •         Park the domain andcollect money. Whilethe domain is parkedand making money let people make offers tobuy for significantly higher than you paid.


Fact: Microsoft bought for $24,600

Fact: Google just acquired

Fact: Even the US government is happy to use .io domains. And two US Presidential candidates are using .io domains - Hillary Clinton uses and Mark Rubio uses !

With those facts, don't you think buying PlayList. io is the best investment decision you could ever make?

Do Similar Domains Have a Good Sales History?

Similar sales of a domain help to determine the value of a domain. Here are some similar domain sales for below:

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es .io                                                        $ 30,000 USD

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doc .io                                                     € 20,000 USD

playlist .fr                                                $ 7,995.00 USD

video playlist .com                                $ 5,100.00 USD

playlist                                           $ 2,730.00 USD

playlist .eu                                              € 2,011.00 EUR

my playlist .fr                                         $ 2,580.00 USD

my playlist                                  $ 2,510.00 USD

the playlist .com                                    $ 2,200.00 USD

playlist .es                                              $ 2,150.00 USD

playlist .at                                               $ 1,410.00 USD

Most of the domains were sold at a higher value. Think about it, is also value as it comps and this is the best time to grab it. Act on this now before it values increases.


Search stats matter in determining a value of a domain. And guess what! The phrases don't even have to be contained in the name, they just have to be related to the point of the site the domain will be used for (to the point that the domain name is authoritative and brandable). Here are some search stats from

"online movie rental" receives 33,100 searches/month with $2.67 CPC

"online dvd rental" receives 18,100 searches/month with $2.27 CPC

 "video sharing community" receives 2,400 searches/month with $4.74 CPC

"video contest" receives 135,000 searches/month with $2.97 CPC

"dvd movie online rental" receives 3,600 searches/month with $2.81 CPC

"movie online rental" receives 33,100 searches/month with $2.79 CPC

"create a movie online" receives 18,100 searches/month with $1.62 CPC

"who playlist" receives 7,480,000 searches/month with $0.79 CPC

"playlist" receives 7,480,000 searches/month with $0.71CPC

"playlists" receives 301,000 searches/month with $0.80 CPC

"free music" receives 24,900,000 searches/month with $0.53 CPC

"listen to music" receives 1,500,000 searches/month with $0.62 CPC

"promotional dvd" receives 12,100 searches/month with $1.08 CPC

"develop your own film" receives 1,000 searches/month with $0.66

"promotional video" receives 74,000 searches/month with $1.83 CPC

"free music download" receives 16,600,000 searches/month with $0.50 CPC

"video playlist" receives 60,500 searches/month with $1.43 CPC

"play music" receives 1,830,000 searches/month with $0.64 CPC

"musics" receives 2,740,000 searches/month with $0.61 CPC

"music" receives 277,000,000 searches/month with $0.69 CPC

"the playlist" receives 7,480,000 searches/month with $0.80 CPC

"how to playlist" receives 7,480,000 searches/month with $0.80 CPC

"playlist as" receives 7,480,000 searches/month with $0.81 CPC

"playlist for" receives 7,480,000 searches/month with $0.77 CPC

"in the playlist" receives 7,480,000 searches/month with $0.78 CPC

"and playlist" receives 7,480,000 searches/month with $0.82 CPC


Just place your highest bid price on this listing, bid starting at $1 with low reserve price. Send me a PM if you have any inquiries regarding this name.

I frequently sell amazing domain names so if you want to stay updated on all of my listings, make sure you click the WATCH SELLER button at the top right of your screen.

Don't wait; bid now before someone else snatches it! Happy bidding guys! 


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chriscoop ( | $10.4K )
Fri, 09 Sep 2016 20:34:54 AEST

Some stats for

• All other extensions taken
• 246.000 exact searches a month for the keyword PlayList
• 94 Back Links

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chriscoop ( | $10.4K )
Mon, 19 Sep 2016 21:21:22 AEST

Only 2 Days left | Low Reserve

Some recent .io sales. $18,000 $6,500 $5,500 $5,050 $4,000 $3,200 $3,150 $2,950 $2,450

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chriscoop ( | $10.4K )
Wed, 21 Sep 2016 21:56:30 AEST

Low Buy It Now price added of $3000. Only a few hours to go.

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