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Unique iPhone/iOS App that lists nearby Apps in use, an "app social network"

The inspiration for Apple's own "Near Me" feature debuted in the App Store in iOS 7, you can own this unique piece of App Store app history. Our GUI was even “flat” before flat was in!

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Oct 14 $1 $15 -$14
Nov 14 $1 $15 -$14
Dec 14 $1 $15 -$14
Jan 15 $1 $15 -$14
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Seller's Notes

This app was developed for iOS 4.3 and is still supported on iOS 8 today (thanks to backwards compatibility) but needs to be updated internally to use the latest APIs and code practices. If you don’t know what this means, please consult with an iOS Developer or two. We haven't updated the app in a couple of years because Apple rejected a bunch of our competitors' updates in late 2012, and our app was pretty stable at the time without the pressing need for patches or bug-fixes. We did push out a small update in July 2013. Nowadays, there are other more recent app projects like Homescreen ( that offer alternative "app sharing" platforms, so I'm sure that something can be done with this idea/code/data if you're motivated and ambitious!

In its lifetime so far, App Map been downloaded about 50,000 times. In the last 3 months, about 1600 times. — It is powered by a single Digital Ocean "droplet" server that costs about $10/month. There is also an Amazon S3 account that costs around $3/month on average to store image metadata and other data. So, costs are almost always under about ~$20/month (USD) right now. The service produces very minimal revenue through App Store app download affiliate commissions.

The app was featured on a few tech blog publications in 2012, including TechCrunch and TheNextWeb:

The following assets are transferrable to you after winning the auction and completing the payment and agreement. Serious bidders only, please.

  • Anonymized app usage-data of thousands of phones and apps at various locations worldwide (since inception in 2012). — Please note that "Friends" sharing data within the app is discarded by the backend after 7 days, and social ID handles cannot be linked to the anonymized identifiers or users' locations. This is by design.
  • Comprehensive, user-generated database of thousands of iOS App Store “Process IDs” linked to actual App Store IDs. This data is very difficult to gather and rank based on real-world usage, as we have done here through crowdsourcing. Very useful for ad-networks/SDKs and/or other apps of this nature.
  • Domain names: and (you must transfer these to your own domain-name provider at your own cost)
  • Control and ownership of the social network handle @AppMap on Twitter, and the Facebook page.
  • The actual, live “App Map” App Store app! You must have an iTunes Connect account active or create one within the transfer window (mentioned below) to receive the transfer of the actual live App Store app.
  • Control of the Digital Ocean droplet server instance (Apache/MySQL/Linux) once you accept its billing responsibilities
  • Control of the Amazon AWS account (used for S3 file storage) once you accept its billing responsibilities
  • Copies of the latest publicly released source code versions (Objective-C for the iPhone app, PHP for the API/backend)
  • Control of the iTunes Affiliate account for earning revenue from downloads triggered via the app. As mentioned earlier, this generates “very minimal revenue”. For example, we’ve had $13.33 in revenue from this in the last 12 months but this is mainly low due to a lack of updates to the app to keep people directly engaged with it.

Everything else is provided AS-IS with no warranties and no guaranteed technical support. I can provide some minimal technical support (at my own discretion and primarily within the first 60 days only) for the code and system, as goodwill gesture only. I’ll essentially do my best to help within reason. All items must be transferred by or to you promptly. If you fail to request or complete a transfer of any of the items mentioned within a 60 day period post-sale, you forfeit your guarantee of their receipt but I will of course do my best to accommodate within reason here, as well.


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