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This is one of many of my sites that I'm getting rid of. If you've seen my other listings you'll know I am clearing out all of my old affiliate sites to gain capital to invest into my own products and ecommerce sites.

I am just not motivated to keep up these affiliate sites. Most of them have been sitting untouched for months now, so it's time to sell them and move on to something new.

This one is stil earning a pretty penny. Though its slowing down the last few months because I haven't been doing any work at all.. No new content, no new links, nothing..

PASSIVE INCOME - the true definition of it! 

If you added more content, did some SEO and put a bit of love into this site, you could bring it back up to well over a thousand dollars a month with almost no effort.

Unfortunately with a lot of my old affiliate sites I didn't ever put analytics on them, and all I've got now for traffic stats is awstats. I can show you the screen shots or a live log in to the site, as well as income proof. 

I will try to do that this weekend if possible, but im SUPER BUSY selling a lot of websites, and I'm also moving at the same time, packing my house up, and moving to a new city. I'll hopefully get my proof videos recorded this weekend for all of my sales listings.

This site promotes ONE affiliate program and that is all.

It's done VERY good since I started it back at the end of 2010.  It has made almost $9000 in pure profit, with hardly any  extra effort.

My best month earned over $1400 with just this one site and one affiliate program!

This is your chance to get a truly passive income stream that you can beef up to as fat an income stream as you want. (add some more products? whoaa) 


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