Profitable, growing e-commerce business - Over 21K in 7 months and Easy to Run

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Mon, 19 Nov 2012 12:38:06 EST
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Website Statistics and Collected Data

External Ranks

Google PageRank 4
Alexa Rank 2,694,205


Links in Google 12
MajesticSEO Inbound Links 22,451

Other Stats

SEMRush Keywords in Google 22
Domain Registration Date 15 Mar, 2012

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You are bidding on a well established PR-4 e-commerce store selling Unique Items that are hard to find in stores. We have a variety of 50 + different Items that we sell on Volusion platform. There are over 200+ items to choose from :)

We launched the store in April 2012 and did sales over $20,000 (20K +) in 7 months from the comfort of home. Some sales were from Amazon and ETSY as well that are not included in the following. Please refer to the Volusion store back office screen shots for figures as well.

October:Total Orders: 63 | Total Sales: $2,985.80

September:Total Orders: 91 | Total Sales: $3,966.89

August:Total Orders: 67 | Total Sales: $2,695.94

July:Total Orders: 90 | Total Sales: $3,464.96

June:Total Orders: 38 | Total Sales: $1,890.94

May:Total Orders: 77 | Total Sales: $3,232.69

April:Total Orders: 41 | Total Sales: $1,748.46

Right from the day of launch, the store attracted many customers and grew at a rapid pace due to an extremely unique design and easy navigation across the site. We keep getting compliments from our customers about our web site and how easy it is to browse and shop for items. We have gotten many letters from them as well about their experiences.

The business currently takes about 15-20 hours a week for one person to manage initially when setting things up and getting used to the business. After that it takes ONLY 8 Hours a week and thats it! So basically you are working 4 Days a month. Currently we are only shipping within the US and can be expanded to ship worldwide. We have gotten many emails if we ship to Canada or other countries. I have decided to move on into a new direction and would love to hand over this running business who is excited about running a full fledge Established business with a huge clientele that is growing at a rapid pace. All from the comfort of your home :) No overhead! Just profit.

Business is extremely easy to run. After the sale I will spend time with you to get you up and running along with a smooth transfer. Business is already established and well known Nationwide. We can talk over the phone after the sale so I can train you although you don't need training but I can help you quickly bring upto speed in terms of how to print invoices, send instructions, labels, packaging etc..

This is not a drop shipping business. It's a real business with Inventory sitting at home. I am keeping them in my spare room please take a look at pictures :) Inventory cost is extremely cheap and profit is just huge.

Christmas is coming! wouldn't it be nice to take over the business at the right time and do a huge sale!

What's included in the sale?

- Current brandable domain name.

- Digital copies of all labels and instructions including logo and images

- Will give you my current and running Adwords campaigns

- Etsy Information

- Toll Free number account

- 30 days of Help/training over the phone

- Boxes are free from USPS

What's NOT Included in the sale?

Current Inventory

- account

- Credit Card and PayPal merchant account ( we are using for the gateway)


Volusion Store Silver Package ($49/month).
- $12/month for the toll free number/voicemail
- $19/month for account to Print shipping labels and schedule pickups
- Adwords cost about $300 - $400 a month - with little SEO, you can avoid the cost of adwords.
- $70/ YEAR for SSL certificate on our http domain for secure transactions.

Note to buyer:

Auction payment will be handled through with fees split between us 50% / 50%

Also, the site is on top of page 1 for the main keyword on On Page 1 of google for multiple keywords as well organically.

Other Info

- Average sale is between $42 - $60. Some months were $110
- Our suppliers are all over US but we have been buying in wholesale from 2 or 3 suppliers
- Just need about $1K of inventory in stock to so start off with! Profit is amazing. we are selling a product that costs us less than $.50 cents for about $8 dollars and sometimes in bundle for $20 or more... People just don't buy one, they buy about 10 to 15 or even more.

- We currently take credit cards on our website plus a customer has an option to pay with PayPal too
- You need to reply to customers questions through email and also call them back after receiving voice mail.
- Sometimes customers want to order over the phone so you may need to do that as well.
- We run promotions often, will you teach you as well.
- We also send out email campaigns for new products, coupons and promotions. Using for email campaigns

Please message me for any questions. Serious buyers only. All the details for our suppliers and other confidential information will be disclosed to the new owner only.

This is a well established, clean, simple and easy to run online business from the comfort of your home. You don't need to make effort from scratch to market and establish its credibility. It's already earning daily! Just take over and start enjoying your own business that you dreamed of. We have spent a couple of thousand dollars on just how the site looks, the clean and sleek looking User Interface. It's a professional business for a serious person looking to make passive income and take it to the next level and expand on it by adding more products.

Additional Revenue Details

In just 7 months from April 2012 to October 2017, sales were over $20K!