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Google PageRank 3
Alexa Rank 638,160


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SEMRush Keywords in Google 76
Domain Registration Date 29 Jan, 2009
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jQueryin’ is a web development blog focused upon all things developer related. This site is intended to be used as a resource by fellow developers for code snippets, news, and findings within the programming community. The site has been a one man show since 1999, run solely by myself. It is void of advertising other than a Linode hosting referral which has helped cover costs of the $20/mo VPS server. Other than that, I have not monetized the site other than occasionally allowing blackhat SEO keyword stuffed links to cover my yearly costs (~$200/yr). I have slowly decreased my blog posting as I contribute to other sources and projects. The site itself is a Wordpress blog setup with a number of plugins on the backend. 


My primary reasons for selling are that I've got an upcoming wedding and am also in bootstrap mode on a startup. I need every extra bit of cash I can muster. If purchased, I'd be willing to help you with the transfer and copy of the site if you wish to keep it the same. I'm a senior level web developer with years of LAMP stack experience. I will transfer the rights for the current website content, and all of the code posted therein is open sourced already and you're free to continue sharing (however, ownership of the code and libraries is non-transferable).


Site traffic is surprisingly easy to increase. It just takes posting of new content. Each blog posts adds a decent amount of traffic via Google searches. Even with very infrequent posting, Google traffic has been steady due to high search ranking for a number of blog posts. I'd be more than happy to share Google Analytics data with interested parties. I'm also willing to Skype with any interested parties that may have questions (or email, if preferred).

Additional Revenue Details

Additional Traffic Details

Traffic is comprised of mainly unique visitors looking for a specific tutorial, web development article, or plugin. It has averaged 4000 monthly unique visitors lately, but at it's peak when I was posting more content it was reaching 5000-6000 monthly unique visitors. I was frequently sharing posts on Hacker News, Reddit Programming, and Digg as well as a few additional sources and Twitter.

I'd be more than happy to provide read only access to the analytics account for interested parties.


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