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Google PageRank 5
Alexa Rank 161,949


Links in Google 32
MajesticSEO Inbound Links 1,815

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SEMRush Keywords in Google 11
Domain Registration Date 28 Jan, 2010
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Digzign is technically a Digg v3.0 reverse engineered so that professional designers or design lovers that dig content, can share it with others easily.
With all Digg's features (and some more), including shouts, share story, show friends who voted story, and many more (
please, see screenshots taken from some pages from user profile's options).

Digzign makes part of the list of social media on AddThis.

Tools for webmasters and readers
Digzign has:

  • Bookmarklet, to help submit content very easily
  • Voting/Submittion button so that webmasters can implement it in their websites
  • Wordpress plugin (in the official repository) for the voting/submittion button
  • Allows for webmasters to optimize submittions by settings meta tags on header for title, description as well as the facebook/digg standard for default image/thumbnail
  • and many others

Why I'm selling it
I'm a freelancer and in recent months I've been receiving alot of work to do and I ain't got the time to invest and take this project to higher grounds.

Is nearly $0, but that's because the site doesn't have a good revenue plan (exploring the sites niche). At the moment places AdSense on story's page after 30 days of being submitted.

Uses PHP / MySQL. A VPS is recommended, but if not, a basic hosting plan should be ok.

What comes with it
I will transfer access to all domains ( and, photoshop files, twitter account (that receives new frontpage stories), wordpress plugin, and of course the source files.

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