The fourth quarter (Q4) is the ideal time for new business ideas, and, for existing businesses, this is a last chance to boost your sales for the year.

Of course, starting a business can take some time, so if you’re looking to jump in and make a quick move, purchasing a business on a site like Flippa – one that is already generating revenue and just needs a few tweaks – is the perfect opportunity.

Let’s be frank, this period is pushed hard. Advertising is more expensive and the typical channels can become more crowded as companies look to gain those big sales and boost their numbers for the year. Everyone is in a rush to close those burning deadlines and immerse themselves in the Christmas rush.

Despite the clutter, with so many people in a buying mood, Q4 is a perfect period to launch, or buy a new brand as it’s an ideal time to get things started off with a flurry of energy and sales.

COVID-19 has made its own adjustments into business development making eCommerce stores the prime place for shopping.

So here are some of the top business ideas for eCommerce for Q4 and how you might want to get involved quickly.

Bakery Business

Who doesn’t like spending snowy winter nights under a cozy blanket with homemade cookies right from the oven? Or exchange cute cookie packs at Christmas parties? Christmas holidays are filled with the need for fresh bakery treats and you can be the person who will fulfill those needs. If you’ve got the product in hand, you can check local bakeries to see if they need additional goods for sale, you could contact businesses to cater sweets for their parties, or you can target business owners with relevant Facebook ads to send out corporate gifts. 

For something a bit different, consider a starter site like this one that sells an eBook for wannabe bakers. There are plenty of people who would love a book like this as a little virtual stocking stuffer and right now would be the perfect time to get started.

Party Planning

Q4 is a busy season and Christmas parties are a great way to unwind. If you’re organized and love to arrange celebrations, you can offer businesses and families a service that organizes their gatherings, providing food and beverage ideas, coffee bars, DJs, decorations and more.

As part of this service, or just as an extra avenue for advertising, consider acquiring a game like this Drink Roulette app from Flippa and promoting it as the perfect Christmas party burst of energy.

Decorating Service 

The holiday season is brimming with decorations. Families and friends gather together to decorate for the holidays and create a festive atmosphere. People are looking far and wide for new ways to light up their homes and offices during the festival season.

Setting up an online store with cute, festive decorations is a snappy way to get some quick sales and typically you can then continue to feature different decorations as the year passes along, always finding something that is on trend and in season.

Take a look at this starter site selling exciting light strips that have caught the attention of many a TikTok fanatic and are perfect for fourth quarter decor.

Online Educational Courses

Education will never go out of fashion. In a messy 2020, many people stuck indoors, online education reached a peak.

Here on Flippa, education has grown to be an extremely popular and highly profitable niche. Students, professors, or lifetime learners all find an additional source of knowledge to be a great idea for a Christmas gift or a way to spend the down time over the holidays, bettering themselves and preparing for a new year.

Take a look at these search results for websites in the education niche that are all making money and priced at a good multiple.


Many people love to receive and present unique gifts for their nearest and dearest. If you’re crafty, you can create handmade gifts and sell them on online platforms like Amazon or Etsy.

If, however, you’re not the crafty type, getting involved with a drop ship store is a simple way to start selling gifts with practically no up front investment – besides your time, of course. Setting up a Shopify store, connecting with an app like Oberlo or directly with a company like Alibaba is a great way to nearly instantly stock your store with on-trend gifts.

Even that sound like a bit more work than you want to put in? Would you rather be up and ready to sell within just a day or two? Consider purchasing a shop that’s set up and already generating revenue.

wrapping paper business

Gift Wrapping

Gifts are probably your first thought for the giving season, but don’t forget, all of those gifts need to look good when hiding under the tree. This is an often overlooked business idea for Q4 since most people are focused exclusively on the gift and not the package.

eCommerce businesses selling wrapping paper or gift boxes can not only do great during Q4, but year round as long as you continue to transition the design for holidays like Valentines Day, Mothers Day, birthdays, and beyond. Either sourcing paper and boxes or even designing them yourself and having it printed, there is a great opportunity here for creative individuals who are looking to go big during the holiday season.

Starter sites like this one could be picked up for relatively cheap on Flippa and pivoted into exactly what you want.


The jewelry business is evergreen and the margins can be killer. There is no wrong time to be running an online jewelry business, but there might be no better time than the fourth quarter as many of these businesses can see a boom in sales that will account for a huge portion of their annual revenue in just the month of December alone.

From starter sites to well established, trademarked businesses, there are always some diamonds on Flippa when it comes to jewelry shops.

Grocery & Wine Delivery Services

As people are becoming busier and busier in their routine, they find less and less time to perform their daily chores. If you need a good business idea for Q4, not only might a glass of wine help, but it might be the solution. Keeping a finger on the pulse, you can set up a product delivery website that caters goods at customers’ doorsteps on a regular basis.

Same as delicious products, people enjoy luxurious alcoholic beverages and wines during the holiday season. Some of these beverages are exotic, expensive, and are not easy to get. This means that the online spirits business, which supplies appetizing alcoholic beverages from around the world, profits big over the holidays.

The platform you use to launch your goods delivery website should have a broad feature that offers to schedule orders according to customer requirements. There are often template apps available on Flippa for this sort of service. Take a look at this one.

Final Thoughts

The fourth quarter is a complicated, yet profitable season for businesses. As there are both seasoned businesses and marketers as well as first time entrepreneurs taking their best shot at a piece of the consumer wallet. If this article has inspired you, start your search on Flippa right now and get started quick.

James Riddle

James Riddle

Experienced in sales and restaurant businesses, James Riddle is a freelance writer constantly staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, branding strategies, and technologies.