You can find a full listing of Eddie’s currently available starter businesses sold through his Startup Streams brand right here.

A little bit about Eddie.

Our chat with Eddie had originally been scheduled for mid March, 2020, but had to be postponed when we discovered that he was quarantined in an Indonesian hospital with a possible case of COVID-19. He was without wifi, separated from those who cared about him, worried about what the next few days would bring. Luckily, amongst his wide array of listings, Eddie doesn’t just sell a starter site about mental fortitude – he practices it himself.

Eddie may not be who you picture when you close your eyes and envision a Flippa Super Seller. He’s completed 112 transactions at the time of writing, all since last August, and he has a 100% satisfaction rating, but he isn’t exactly what you’d call a computer geek. Eddie wasn’t even always a tech entrepreneur. In fact, far from it, he actually started his professional career as a survivalist, similar to the likes of Bear Grylls. Eddie is trained in the art of physical and mental toughness, once dreaming of joining the British Armed Forces, but having to set that dream aside because, of all things, a nut allergy.

He had been an entrepreneur since youth, having started his first business at the age of 12, designing and printing skateboard stickers on his home PC, selling them to other kids at school as well as online. He helped his brother start a jeans company targeted at athletically built men that ended up earning an investment from one of Richard Branson’s entrepreneurial funds. He was hooked on entrepreneurship from there and his first legitimate side hustle was launched 6 years ago when he used his understanding of mental and physical fitness to develop and sell a series of audio books. Soon after launching that project, he realized that he preferred the process of starting a business far more than running the business so he sold that site on Flippa rather than continue to put money towards marketing and that essentially led him to where he sits today.

Know where your passion lies.

Eddie realized quickly where his passions lied. He enjoys coming up with ideas, creating visually stimulating websites, devising brands and creative copy, but once it comes to the day to day work of marketing and operations, his boredom kicks in and he no longer wants to hustle. Eddie is a starter, but gets drained by the operations of a steady business. 

So, he started his company – Startup Streams – in which he develops Shopify stores based around digital assets, such as eBooks, and then sells them to avid entrepreneurs on Flippa who are looking for a new, online business to run. He does the legwork to get things started and depends on professional marketers to take his projects to the next level. He gets to work on branding and web design. He finds the subjects that he thinks will be a success and builds a concept around them. Then, he hands them off to other entrepreneurs on Flippa who are looking for a built up starter business to operate.

Streamlined Process & Constant Innovation

Once Eddie got started with his Startup Streams business plan, everything began rolling quickly. Specializing in developing Shopify stores that sell digital assets, it meant that he never had to deal with finding reputable distribution partners, wholesalers, or worrying about inventory depletion. All he needed was a solid idea and the right eBook to use as an infinite inventory product. 

His sites are relatively easy for him to replicate at this point. They, of course, take skill and time to put together, but it’s a streamlined process, so he’s able to get similar websites uploaded to Flippa on a regular basis. He understands how to build a starter site in the same way that you might know how to build a Facebook marketing campaign. On top of this, his creative mind and hustle mentality has forced him to come up with a new idea every single week that he can then build and upload for users to browse and consider purchasing for their next online business.

What Does Startup Streams Sell?

Eddie’s businesses are all based on a simple concept: one product, one page. 

He works in key niches with digital products that can be sold over and over again, paid for easily and downloaded instantly by the customer. No need for warehouses, distribution networks, or inventory management.

The businesses are laid out on user friendly websites complete with stunning imagery and user friendly flow, pointing people in the right direction to complete a transaction. These sites are ripe for blog posts to drive SEO and to be integrated with clever, targeted marketing strategies.

Ideal for those who are cash poor & time rich.

All of Eddie’s businesses are in highly targetable niches and one tried and true marketing methodology that he recommends is to target micro-influencers on Instagram. With digital product, it’s easy and free to send product to influencers in exchange for promotion. If you don’t have money to spend on ads, this is an ideal way to spend your time in a very intentional way. There are hundreds of thousands of micro-influencers out there who are willing to post for free in exchange for product. Be it his eBook about keto-friendly diets or his book about traveling the globe, the options are endless when it comes to free, or nearly free, marketing.

The Startup Stream Customer

To Eddie, it’s all about working with people with complementary skill sets. While he couldn’t care less about cutting edge SEO techniques or setting up detailed Facebook retargeting ad campaigns, many of his customers sit at the opposite end of the spectrum, having zero urge or know-how when it comes to building a clean, high performing website, designing logos and color schemes, or even finding the materials that are worth selling.

He has found that the majority of his customers are based in the US, though his completely digital businesses can be run from anywhere in the world, or even while traveling, so he builds them in US dollars and leveraged towards that audience.

Eddie can typically spot from the get-go which customers are going to be successful with his starter sites and which won’t. Again, it all comes down to mental fortitude. If he has a customer who asks him loads of questions, doing their best to get a complete understanding of the business while performing due diligence, he knows that they have what it takes to succeed. Those who ask something that was already written in the listing, proving that they didn’t even take the time to read the entire description, or worse yet, don’t ask anything at all, are likely to give up with the site after just a month or two and close it down.

Truly passive income does not actually exist.

It takes effort to gain traction on a new business and while it might not be something that requires 40 hours each week, you still need to spend some time building SEO, working on social media support, running ads, contacting influencers, whatever it may be that you think will help the company succeed.

Why might a customer want a duplicate website?

  •  You may be new to eCommerce and entrepreneurship and want a new business to learn the ropes with
  • You may want to be a business owner but have limited funds to start up and are after a cost effective way to do so
  • You may want to experiment with various marketing strategies to see what works, and what doesn’t, before applying that knowledge to another business
  • You may want to purchase a starter store to improve and ‘flip’ (sell for a higher price to another buyer – another lucrative business strategy!)
  • You like the idea of being an entrepreneur but don’t know where to start (We include a support pack with each store – how to manage a Shopify store and how to market it)

Mental Fortitude & Life During the Covid-19 Pandemic

While Eddie might not like the hustle that comes along with operating one of his websites through monetization, he is a prime example of what it takes to get there. 

After spending 3 days in total isolation in a small room in an Indonesian hospital, Eddie was released having never actually had Covid-19, just a case of bronchitis. Released from quarantine into a world that had changed rather dramatically in a very short time, he found himself unable to return to his home in England, so he headed to his girlfriend’s apartment, mentally checked himself, and got right back to work.

After having his best month ever on Flippa, nearly doubling his former best month during February of 2020, he started March with zero sales. The world had come to a standstill. While Flippa still had plenty of people browsing, investors were becoming increasingly worried about how to spend their money. It was a trying time for people across industries, across the globe. But that would soon change.

While sitting at his Indonesian apartment, quarantined like many others, he went online to search if it was safe to have food delivered to his home. That query kicked back a link to an article asking both “is it safe and is it ethical” to have food delivered during the quarantine. This was a lightbulb moment. “Why is there an ethical element to this?” he thought. 

Eddie realized that beyond how hard it was for many industries to function during the Coronavirus pandemic, there were ethical issues involved with forcing employees to work the “front lines” – delivering packages or wandering through warehouses. While many startup sites are based on drop-shipping or other physical measures, his were 100% digital. Selling his products was not only safe, but didn’t put anyone in danger – they were ethical.

He took this to heart and added this information to his listings, allowing potential buyers to know that these sites were Covid-19 safe. And then, sales shot back up. Likely a combination of Eddie’s marketing and the Flippa customer coming to terms with the new reality, things are back up and running as usual for Eddie. His customers are discovering again that his sites are the ideal way to start a side business hustle and own their future. For a small investment (typically just a few hundred dollars) they can work from their home office, put in some hustle, and build a business that provides a relatively easy bit of extra income to subsidize their lifestyle.

Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss is a marketing all-star at Flippa. He has well over a decade of experience running multifaceted marketing programs within the CPG industry and knows just what it takes to drive a business from vision to reality. You will often find him enjoying a cold beer on a hot day in Austin, TX, or you can always find him on LinkedIn.

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