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One thing that you’ll often hear us preach here at Flippa is that Amazon Associates sites that can build an SEO following around a tight niche can quite often be the most successful.

VIEWS: 3,740


BIDS: 11

Sure, a website like GoMechanicalKeyboard, that sold on Flippa for $12,500 might not have the ability to become an epic, six figure affiliate site straight away since it has such a narrow focus, but with just a bit of work, this website that features reviews and comparisons of gaming keyboards and mice could easily provide a nice side income with minimal effort.

The best part of Amazon Associates sites that specialize in a narrow subject matter is that they are likely finding people who are further along the sales funnel than someone who might be searching for a very generic term, and that means they are close to making a purchase.

How The Sale Looked on Flippa

3,478 listing views. Need we say more?

Within just a week on Flippa, this business had nearly 3,500 views, 95 watchers, and 13 discussion threads. There were 11 bids on the auction, but ultimately, it was sold for the Buy It Now price, allowing the interested buyer to end the auction early and secure the business for themselves immediately.

Why Was It So Appealing?

We can never be 100% sure what a person sees in any given listing. Sometimes the business can provide added value to an already existing portfolio of websites or might be complimentary to a brick and mortar business. But, a site like GoMechanicalKeyboards does have some obvious data that would appeal to any digital minded buyer.

The website itself is 5 years old, and age means a lot when it comes to search engine rankings.

Secondly, while only garnering around 6,000 unique visits each month, those visits are coming nearly 100% organically and based on highly relevant keywords like “65 keyboard” or “corsair k70 vs k95” which means they are attracting customers who are already aware and interested, currently in the intent or evaluation stage of the sales funnel, just moments away from a purchase. As an affiliate marketing site, that’s where the money lies.

purchase funnel critical

On top of the purely SEO data that this website showcases, they are also generating revenue passively through Adsense modules. Having dual sources of income makes any business more appealing as it becomes far less susceptible to dips in revenue when Amazon or Google make changes to their payment protocols or data algorithms.

As you can see, this website is witnessing an upward trend, even showcasing a spike as Covid shutdowns hit the US in late March, driving more gamers to upgrade their systems as they were forced to stay indoors.

Screen Shot 2020 09 14 at 5.02.15 PM

Finally, they have developed relationships with manufacturers of the keyboards and mice that they review and are receiving free merchandise in order to review, photograph, and feature on their site. That’s a pretty cool bonus.

How Can You Find The Same Success?

Like with anything, the most important factor is your product. If you are selling a great business, you will find great results.

Not sure what your business is worth? Chat with our valuation bot to get an idea about what you might be able to sell your blog or Amazon Associates website for on Flippa.

Once you’ve chosen to list your website on Flippa, chat with our account managers to be sure you’re building the best listing possible. You can get in touch with a Flippa Account Manager at [email protected]

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