When a buyer makes an acquisition on Flippa, they are making an investment towards their own financial freedom – that’s why  we go the extra mile to ensure you’re safe and secure when doing so.

Here are the top 5 ways we’re protecting you when you transact on Flippa:

1. Experienced and dedicated marketplace security team

To make Flippa the safest place to buy and sell valuable digital properties, we have hand-selected a team of experienced marketplace security experts to protect Flippa’s users and provide fast support to those who need it. They work around the clock to actively monitor Flippa and ensure it is a safe environment to do business.

We have over 5 years experience maintaining marketplace integrity and continually improving our security systems, listening to our users and rapidly responding to new situations. All of this allows Flippa to remain the safest online marketplace for buying and selling web businesses, domains and mobile apps.

2. Super Sellers & Super Buyers

Super SellerWe award our very best users with ‘Super Seller’ and ‘Super Buyer’ status.

To be a Super Seller or Super Buyer, a user needs a near perfect feedback rating, have proven to be a great buyer or seller over a large number of transactions, and consistently abide by Flippa’s Site Rules.

Super Sellers have a solid history of selling great sites, domains or apps that buyers are happy with and go the extra mile to provide exceptional service to their buyers. They provide fantastic buyer support through the transaction and transfer process, as well as post-sale.

You can be confident that you’ll have a great experience doing business with our Super Sellers and Super Buyers.

3. Identity verification features

Flippa users have the chance to show more about themselves and build trust with other users through Flippa’s Identity Manager panel. Through the Identity Manager, users can verify their phone number and credit card to engage in auctions – all this information is kept private of course.

Users can also let others find out more about them by connecting their social media accounts to their profiles. Users who link their Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts to their profile and who are open about their identity build trust within the Flippa community.


The Identity Manager: Build trust with others by verifying your identity
The Identity Manager: Build trust with others by verifying your identity.

4. Safe payments

Flippa offers a number of ways for you to make or accept payments such as through PayPal, wire transfer, or an escrow service.

Using an escrow service is the best way to complete a transaction safely and securely. The escrow provider acts as a trusted third party who will secure the funds until the website assets are successfully transferred to the buyer.

Flippa recommends Escrow.com as a reliable online escrow service to shield buyers and sellers and ensure a smooth transaction process. All Flippa users enjoy a discount for Escrow.com fees – just click the “Start Escrow” button to get paid with escrow.

5. User feedback keeps everyone honest

All Flippa users get to provide feedback on buyers and sellers they have done business with. A feedback score is prominently displayed on buyers’ and sellers’ profiles, as well as all of sellers’ listing pages.

Sellers who have achieved a high positive feedback score over a number of transactions have demonstrated their ability to consistently deliver a high quality product and delight buyers with extraordinary customer support.  A buyer’s high positive feedback score indicates that the buyer is a pleasure to do business with, and is a great sign for sellers.

If a user feels that someone is violating Flippa’s rules, he or she can easily report a listing and  reach out to Flippa’s support team. This helps the Flippa community remain honest, trustworthy, and enjoyable for everyone.

More to come!

Its not over yet! We have have some awesome new features on the way to make  your experience on Flippa even safer and smoother. Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Yuri.

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