Online Business Trends and Data Insights: Monthly Update

Search Intent

Flippa sees 1 million searches a month which gives us a great indication of buyer demand for online businesses.

In the past 30 days, we’ve seen notable shifts in the top keywords searched on Flippa:

  • Travel dropped out of the top 5 keywords.
  • App emerged as the 5th most searched keyword.
  • Shopify held its position as the #1 keyword searched for in June.

Trending Search Terms

  1. Adsense Approved: Continues to be a hot topic for revenue generation, with searches jumping up by 231% this month.
  2. Website Design: Showcasing the power of UX and UI, searches grew by an impressive 423%.
  3. Entrepreneur: Increased by 245%, making it the second biggest growth in searches for the month.

Top 6 Search Terms in the Last Month:

Profit & Revenue Multiples

As we head into July, we have the newly launched H1 data from 2024.

  • Consistency: Profit multiples have remained steady compared to the second half of last year, with a slight increase in the average from 2.23x in H2 of 2023 to 2.36x in H1 of 2024.
  • Apps Leading the Way: The biggest increase came from apps, which jumped to an average annual profit multiple of 3.39x.

Below you can see the annual profit multiples for all asset types valued over $25,000 from 2021 to 2023 in six month periods.

Buyer Liquidity

  • Our buyer pool continues to grow, with a 10K increase in active buyers month-on-month, now totalling 353K active buyers. These buyers report a combined wallet of $65.5 billion.

Time to Sell

  • For Businesses Over $1 Million: The median time to find your buyer is 28 days. Once found, the median time to sell is 65 days. Notably, one seller closed a $1 million+ deal in just 7 days, setting a record for the quickest sale in that price bracket.

Below you can see a breakdown of the average time it takes for businesses valued at $1,000,000 or more to match with a buyer.

Below you can see a breakdown of the average time it takes for a business valued at $1,000,000 or more to sell on Flippa.

Ray is the VP of Sales at Flippa and has a passion for helping buyers find their dream digital asset, and helping sellers find a successful pathway to exit. Ray is motivated to create a more intuitive way to buy and sell online businesses, with success in managing multi-million dollar deals.

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