How To Interact With Buyers

How To Interact with Buyers - selling an online business
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Communicating with potential buyers may seem like an overwhelming journey. However, once narrowed down with prospects, the results can be rewarding. 

When communicating with potential buyers, it’s important to ask the right questions and engage in an efficient way. 

Here’s how.

Get To Know the Buyer

While you need to help interested parties understand the opportunity, you also need to get to know the buyers. In a sense, you have to vet them to ensure not only that you get the best deal, but also that your business goes to the perfect match who will take it to the next level.

Ask Unique Questions

As a seller, chances are you’re having many different conversations with a range of buyers. Pose icebreaker questions that will yield memorable answers.

Starter Questions

  • What part of my listing caught your eye?
  • Do you have experience with businesses like mine?
  • Do you currently own/have ever owned a portfolio of online businesses?
  • What is your reason for wanting to make an acquisition?

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Begin Private Messaging

After answering public comments, send buyers a private message to open a new channel of communication with that lead. You want to ensure that no potential lead goes to waste. Notice an engaging seller? Message them directly.

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Keep a Strong Record of Interested Buyers

You may get heaps of interested parties — keep a record of those who you think are genuinely interested buyers. Some of them may be busy analyzing multiple listings, so it’s good that you set a reminder to follow up on their due diligence, keep them updated on any news related to the business, or the market where you operate, etc.

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Be Prepared to Back Up Your Listing

When you list your business on Flippa’s platform, naturally details about the sale will be displayed on your listing. You want to ensure that you are ready to support any details. Interested buyers take hesitation and uncertainty as a red flag, so rule of thumb is to have all your ducks in a row before displaying your listing online.

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Don’t Feel Obligated to Provide Sensitive Information

If a user asks something you do not feel comfortable sharing, it’s okay to say no – say that you want to reserve some confidential information for the final buyer. Provide related data that will help a user get an understanding of what they are aiming at reviewing.

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