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Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your background? How did you start the business?

After graduating in IT, I soon became interested in web development-oriented in eCommerce and I founded my web agency together with some extraordinarily valuable collaborators. KinkyTouch.com has been launched as a second project but soon we discovered its potential when, even though we didn’t run any SEO campaign, the store got indexed and ranks well for over 80 keywords that brought organic traffic and sales without the need for advertising campaigns. We got an amazing result without the need for any manual intervention, being able to sell goods for over 5,200$ with a high markup profit: in fact, most of the sales came from free organic traffic.

As an e-Commerce business, where are your products made?

This is a dropshipping business that is the model that I currently prefer because I don’t feel comfortable buying products to resell in advance. I feel like this is one of the best supply chain models as you don’t have to bear any risk regarding warehouse management. The products are sourced from a trusted USA based supplier that keeps in stock high-quality products of the most renowned brands.

How have you marketed the product and where are your customers originating from?

I have initially launched the website as a second project and, after the development, I honestly didn’t devote much time to it. That’s the reason why I got quite surprised when after some months I started receiving orders. After a detailed audit on Semrush, I then discovered that the website got a nice rank on Google for some great keywords that brought organic traffic. I then became aware of the potential of this eCommerce business and started making some optimization to further improve it.

Is the asset on your listing owner-operated, how much time does it take to run the business, who else is needed on the team, and what is automated?

I developed the website to minimize the need for manual work. The inventory is synced with the supplier so that all the products, including their quantities, prices and stock, are automatically updated. Also, the order management is extremely simple: when a buyer places an order, it’s automatically forwarded to the supplier and all I have to do is review and confirm them. I did this in bulk at the end of the day, it’s a task that takes only a minute or two.

Can you list a few opportunities for a potential new owner to continue growing the business?

To better the business I suggest the new owner improve SEO and perform some paid campaigns or influencer marketing. Those are still left untouched and can really skyrocket this store. I’ll be available during the after-sale support to show the new owner the same strategies I use to market my other stores.

How does this business make money? What are the current revenue streams?

This business makes money through dropship sales. For example, when a user makes a purchase for a product on the site, let’s say for a $100 priced product, I get the payment under my own account (PayPal mainly). The order is also forwarded automatically to the supplier. I pay to the supplier a lower price, let’s say $65 because I’ve set my profit margin on the products. The difference is of course my profit from the sale.

What marketing channels are most profitable for the business?

I think that this website can really do well with influencer marketing. I’ve tested this strategy on other stores in the adult niche and saw the growth from one day to another. But it’s important to learn how to choose correctly the influencers and how to negotiate with them, and that’s a part that I include in my after-sale support mentoring.

How does the business currently acquire customers and what is your breakdown for marketing costs?

The orders came mostly from organic traffic and I had almost no marketing costs.

How big is your current team? How many people does it take to run this business?

This business can be easily operated by a single person only and can be run from everywhere in the world.

What’s the reason for selling your business on Flippa?

My purpose for the next year is to fully devote ourselves to a handful of projects and scale them to 7 figures businesses rather than keeping on launching new stores. Even if the manual work required is at its minimum, I don’t have enough time to devote to this eCommerce and scale it as I would: this is the reason why I prefer an immediate monetization to fund our other projects I will show the new owner of the business the eCom techniques I use to improve SEO and get cheap PPC traffic.

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