Forty Forty One and Co is a tech company focussed at the Gen Z customer. Among other gadgets, they sell wireless, bluetooth ear buds that sync seamlessly with a smart watch and band. Based in France, but designed to be able to go worldwide with just a few adjustments.

Tell us a little about yourself, how did you wind up starting this company?

My name is Bryan. I’m 25 years old and living in France. I’m a Project Manager by trade and I studied printing (solid background of experience of 9 years) and digital management in Paris. 

I developed this company because I wanted to sell all things “connected” within France. I also wanted to offer people exciting tech products that weren’t currently available in brick and mortar stores.

How and where is this product made? Do you have any exclusivity rights for the product / distribution?

The products come from AliExpress. The idea is very simple: you re-sell the product for around 2-3x more expensive than you’re able to get them for, giving you fantastic profit margins. Forty Forty One and Co. already has a partnership with AliExpress so we have all the rights to the products, distribution and communication.

Where do you sell this product? Is it exclusively on your branded website or is it available via Amazon, eBay, any other third party retailers?

I sell these products only on the branded website. We do not want to sell on Amazon because of their data policies.

How have you marketed the product and where are your customers originating from? Social Media? Google? SEO? Referrals?

Well, we worked a lot on our SEO and keywords, but in France, being on the first page through natural SEO is very hard. So, we did it with Google Ads. Unfortunately, the cost was too expensive for our budget.

When you search on Google France “Wireless headphones” you have 3 or 4 ads of different companies with the same beginning of this expression: “N°1 in France”. And it is really ridiculous to have this kind of expression on the first page. My competitors had not done a thorough and deep study of their competitors’ communication by targeting their weak points to establish a good advertising strategy.

Having seen this as an opportunity: I created an account on Google Ads and I established a strategy to attract customers, but unfortunately customers came without buying: which cost us a lot of money (CPC !). My competitors will offer you between one or two models of wireless earphones (often the same headphones by the way!) with a false counter indicating a low stock with people visiting the same page of the product at the same time as you. I find this technique to be unhealthy and hypocritical. As a developer I could see that it’s an easy trick, but when you don’t know, you bite the hook!

As for social media, we signed a deal with an agency. They promoted our products with one of their influencers on Snapchat and Instagram (This influencer has 150K followers on Instagram, most of whom (90%) were young – our main target!). Through this work, a lot of visitors came (+800% in 2 days), but we were unable to convert into sales.

There would be a great opportunity here for somebody who is better at sales conversion optimization to take over and take advantage of our ability to bring eyes to our website.

How much time does it take to run it and what is automated?

It’s automatically linked to AliExpress. You have just some steps to validate, and it’s done. Easy as that!

This is a young business, why are you selling now?

It could be a great story: but no sales. The site is attractive with a beautiful UX design, a live chat with bots, interesting articles, we did everything to make it feel alive. That’s what makes us different from our competitors: same banner image, no chat (meaning poor relation with customers = no life.

Can you list a few opportunities to Grow for a prospective buyer?

  • Huge opportunity for anybody with experience in optimizing sales conversion rates. We have proven that we can get visitors with proper Google Ads or Influencer Marketing, but we the site needs to get better at closing the deal!
  • The electronic market is really a great niche: especially in smart watches / smart bands for fitness. People are monitoring their results to increase it and have a nice body.
  • The youth are your main target. 
  • Spring/Summer are very great for you.
  • You have 120 + product ready to sale.
  • Anti EMF products could be sold due to 5G.
Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss

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