Exceptional opportunity to acquire an Italian language content site in the “home” niche. Featuring over 1,000 articles on “how to” guides for around the home, this site is 4 years old, sees over 100,000 unique visitors each month, and should be set to generate income for years to come.

Watch the video below to learn a bit more about the business

Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your background? How did you start with this project?

Internet marketing and SEO have always been a passion for me and it’s already been 20 years that I’ve been playing on this field.

Just 4 / 5 years ago this became my main activity, building niche websites. This project started as a personal test as I am also a real estate agent with quite a bit of knowledge in the housing niche.

Have you created all of the content on the site or where is that coming from? If there are writers, are they willing to stay on board with a new owner?

I started from day one to work with different experts (Architects and Engineers) and freelance writers. In the past few months I slowed down the project as I was looking to sell it.

Actually I have only one writer at the moment and their rate it’s really good (I’m quite sure she can keep working on the project).

How is your revenue split amongst the multiple avenues (adsense, affiliate, etc) and where is the largest opportunity for growth?

Revenue is split around 50/50 between Adsense + Clickup and Amazon Associates. Last year, I sold some sponsored posts for around 200-250 euros and there is a lot of potential to improve upon that (as you can see I only sold 1 this year).

Also Social media is something that has not been explored. I just started working on the YouTube channel and the results were encouraging, so this might be something that a new owner would want to focus their attention on.

How much time are you spending on this business on a weekly basis?

In the past six month really almost nothing. I could say 2-3 hr per week.

What would you recommend the new owner focus their attention on in order to continue growing this business?

I suggest keep going with content and planning a social media strategy.  As per earnings, I definitely suggest that they start selling sponsored posts, in this way could be easily added 500/1000 euros per month.

Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss is a marketing all-star at Flippa. He has well over a decade of experience running multifaceted marketing programs within the CPG industry and knows just what it takes to drive a business from vision to reality. You will often find him enjoying a cold beer on a hot day in Austin, TX, or you can always find him on LinkedIn.