Back in 2017 John Chen acquired Blush & Bar. Back then it was a very small eCommerce site earning around $1000 a month. Fast forward to September 2019 and Blush & Bar has again been acquired on Flippa…only this time, John was the seller and the value of the business has skyrocketed from $7,500 to $550,000.

With over 1,100 views Blush & Bar struck a chord with savvy buyers. In the 2.5 years since it was first sold, the brand had flourished with appearances on The Wendy Williams show and The Real, not to mention the 23,000 customers enjoying the affordable luxury designs.

What the buyer liked:

Blush & Bar reported annual revenues of $1.3m, a net profit of just over $250,000 and an AOV of $97 (higher than usual). The business has strong gross profit margins however there are significant efficiencies to be gained in sourcing and better use of marketing spend. This proved attractive to a buyer with significant eCommerce and marketing expertise.

What did Flippa bring to the table:

It’s impossible to match Flippa for demand generation. We hosted a webinar, generated 1,186 listing views, 36 watchers and 58 discussions plus of course, one successful buyer.

And, what’s next for John? Well, he’s again registered as a buyer and is on the hunt for his next acquisition.

Start selling with Flippa here:

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