The first thing that comes to our minds whenever we hear the word “real estate” is a physical property comprising land, buildings, or houses.

However, digital real estate is a slightly different case. 

It includes profitable online commodities and lucrative online platforms that can bring you a hefty passive income if you acquire them.

Now that most businesses run online, digital real estate is becoming the ultimate investment option for side hustlers like you. 

Yes, you can buy and sell internet property in the form of websites, domain names, and blogs, just like apartments or houses. Interested? Read along to find out further details. 

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What is Digital Real Estate?

Since the advent of real estate crowdfunding opportunities, real estate investment has become highly accessible. Almost everyone is familiar with how real estate works these days. You simply buy or invest in a building, and earn returns or sell it later for a profit. 

Consider digital real estate as its identical online counterpart. Here, you buy online commodities like blogs, websites, and domain names to earn returns or sell them for profit. 

We know what you’re thinking. Is it possible to earn good money by working with digital real estate? Believe it or not, if you know which properties to invest in, you can sell your websites for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. 

Additionally, you can choose to run your own website and create a stream of passive income for yourself. 

Here are some examples of profitable real estate combined with some case studies to give you a clear idea about the business model. 

Examples of Digital Real Estate

Today, the internet is full to the brim with people expressing themselves in a plethora of ways. Anything you can call your personal space on the internet, may it be a blog where you share your content, or a website where you run your business, is your share of digital real estate.

Check out these examples. 


Websites are perhaps the most lucrative forms of digital real estate. That’s mainly because there are lots of ways you can earn money if you own a website. You can run your own business, post content, place ads, flip websites to potential clients and even just solely invest in websites to earn steady cash flow. 

Investing in a website can get you great returns if you plan out your strategy and work accordingly. 

Mobile Apps

The increasing internet usage on mobile devices makes smartphone apps for iOS and Android profitable digital real estate options. Investors can get great returns and even generate a steady passive income by acquiring a well-developed mobile app. 

Besides that, you can make a regular profit whenever your users make in-app purchases or avail paid offers.

eCommerce Websites

Think of sites like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. Can you imagine how much monthly revenue these sites generate by making sales online? 

While most customers turn to online platforms for even the most basic items, an E-Commerce store is unarguably a profitable digital real estate option. 

You can start right away if you already own a physical business, or you can advertise your product on a well-known E-Commerce website and start earning right away. 

Content Creation Platforms

If you have a creative mind, these platforms are the best digital real estate options for you to make money. Whether you’re a writer, a craftsperson, or an artist, you can cash your skills by posting the content strategically on your blog or website. 

Bloggers with regular organic traffic on their websites can earn hundreds of bucks monthly by advertising and using affiliate links. The sky’s the limit. 

Mainly, there are two ways of earning through digital real estate. Firstly, by buying a website or blog with good earning potential and flip it online. Secondly, by building your piece of online real estate. 

Here are significant case studies of both ventures so you can see which one works for you. 

buy a website

Case Study 1 – The Buyer 

If you’ve got enough money to invest in digital real estate, you should go for buying an established online platform at a low price and making it profitable. 

You must’ve seen videos of couples buying a worn-out house and revamping it to sell for a profit? This is more or less the same same thing. 

One of the most illustrious case studies for buying digital real estate is the story of The site was formerly known as until its current owner, Matt Barrie, acquired it and changed it into one of the most successful freelance sites within three years.

He recreated the site’s interface, making it more user-friendly and appealing. Today, the site has a yearly turnover of millions and has more than 2 million employers and freelancers signed up. 

You can find potential sites to acquire on platforms such as Flippa or even look for them through search engine results. If you know how to manage SEO and create an engaging web design, you can create a lucrative site out of a worn-out digital real estate. 

build a website

Case Study 2 – The Builder 

If you want to build your own online real estate out of scratch, you can get millions of success stories online to inspire you. You can either create an E-Commerce website, a blog, or a combination of both and generate hundreds of bucks online. 

A famous website-building story is that of The Huffington Post. The writer, Arianna Huffington, started the website back in 2005, as a news blog. Today, attributing to her consistent quality content, the blog is a go-to online news aggregator. 

Using pay-per-click advertising as the primary income mode, the site makes more than $2 million per month. 

You can start building your website by buying a reliable domain name and opting for a high-quality hosting service like Bluehost. 

If you set up a website on WordPress, you won’t need any high-tech coding knowledge at all. Just follow the guide and pump out engaging content to start earning through digital real estate. 

Learn more in this course about gaining traffic. 

Final Words

That concludes our answer to your question, what is digital real estate? In a nutshell, digital real estate is an online commodity that you can invest in and earn profitable returns. Salient examples of digital real estate include websites, blogs, mobile apps, and e-commerce stores. 

You can build your own digital real estate by purchasing a domain name or starting a blog through WordPress. You can also buy established digital real estate and direct the income stream towards yourself, or flip it online for a profit. 

Bottom line, digital real estate is similar to, and in some cases, entirely different from conventional real estate. However, just like its physical version, it is quite profitable for individuals who are ready to take a calculated risk and generate a steady income online. 

Kyle Kroeger

Kyle Kroeger

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