Supercharging SEO Performance with Defined Audience Personas by Diana Richardson

Diana Richardson from SEMRush joined us at Own Your Future 2021
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Masterclass in SEO performance

On this segment of Own Your Future, Diana Richardson gives us a fast-paced masterclass on supercharging our SEO performance through defining audience personas.

By having a clear understanding of your audience persona, you’ll be able to drive personalized marketing efforts and allow for deeper customer segmentation.

Whatever you do, Diana advises that you should not base personas on assumptions, but rather start with data that reflects your actual audience.

Your audience persona should inspire the content you create and enable personalized tone throughout your content. You’ll also find new opportunities for long-tailed keywords and highlight newly discovered, high conversion keywords.

It’s important to think of creating content in the way you would start a conversation.

Ideally, you want to drive engagement.

Keep an eye on the Flippa blog announcing a longer masterclass session with Diana.

In the meantime, browse Flippa’s blog for loads of articles on SEO and Semrush.

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