Naughty Nutrition started as a hobby. The two founders shared a common interest in health and nutrition and thought it would be fun to start a website that focussed on the niche. They actually launched the website in 2016, but didn’t see it as a “business” until two years later. Once they saw the financial opportunity that lived within the content that they had built just for fun, they took advantage and turned it into a successful, profitable, concept. As with many content based businesses, the owners decided to list it on Flippa so that a new owner could take it to the next level. Featured here is a story of good taste and, as preached by their motto, 90% nutrition, 10% chocolate, 0% BS. 

Major Attention on Flippa

The owners, two registered holistic nutritionists, decided to sell Naughty Nutrition as they were in the midst of professional changes in their full-time gigs and were also looking to move apart from each other, which would make the site a bit harder for them to run. The decision never comes easy to sell a business that was built from scratch, but any successful entrepreneur will tell you that when the time is right, you know it.

Listed on Flippa for less than a month, they found a matching buyer who offered $17,000 and became the new owner. Launched as a confidential listing in mid-February 2020, the listing generated over 2,000 views, had 90 individuals watching the listing, and drove over 40 conversations with interested buyers. About half a dozen users discussed dove into intricate details of the business with the owners in order to decide if it was the right opportunity for them to acquire.

What is the essence of Naughty Nutrition?

The focus of Naughty Nutrition is a fun and balanced approach to nutrition. It’s simple, it’s popular, and it’s evergreen. Users could visit the website to retrieve accurate, science-based information and healthy recipes that suit a busy, healthy lifestyle. As a business, revenue was generated from multiple channels including brand promotion, recipe development, selling online programs, content affiliate marketing, and advertising. 

As a content site, it’s always good to see a diverse spectrum of revenue generating features as it means that the site is far more immune to changes in algorithms or affiliate schemes and is likely cashing in on a bigger potential of earnings.

Were there challenges?

Sure, there are always challenges when buying or selling a business. One of the primary challenges for the prospective buyer of a site like Naughty nutrition was that the brand was strongly linked to the owners, who had been able to create a pseudo celebrity status for themselves in connection with their website. While pivoting the platform slightly to be a bit more generic would be a challenge, the multiple assets included in the listing, such as a social media audience of 16k+ followers, a YouTube account with more than 70 videos, a blog with more than 300 posts, and a nutrition program of over 120 unique recipes convinced the buyer that this was an exciting challenge worth the investment.

In Conclusion

Naughty Nutrition proved to be an exceptional opportunity to acquire an established brand in the health and wellness sector with a great Google ranking. In a crowded space where it can be hard to make a name for yourself when launching a brand new website, this was an opportunity to hit the ground running.

Among the opportunities and strategies suggested to improve this business for the new owner was launching new products and services, capitalizing on the emerging market and improving current marketing efforts.

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Louis Masnou

Louis Masnou

Louis is an esteemed Account Manager here at Flippa. Hailing from Barcelona, but now living in Australia, he works with entrepreneurs from across the globe to help find them the best deal possible when looking to sell their businesses.

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