SELLER SUCCESS – The FBA Skincare Company That Sold in 8 Days

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The Success Story

This FBA skincare brand sold for $220,000 in just over a week — that’s 2.2x the original starting price.

With the intention of selling his five-year-old eCommerce skincare company, Charlie Rosenstein partnered with Flippa’s powerful marketplace to list his eCommerce business and assess purchase interest.

In just eight days, Zone-365 Beauty had received 470 views, 11 inquiries, and two offers, successfully selling for $220,000— that’s more than $120,000 higher than the original asking price.

“It was exceptional… I was expecting to close quickly, in about two to three weeks, but not in eight days.”

Charlie Rosenstein, Founder, Zone-365 Beauty.

The Business

An international organic beauty company with a commitment to sustainability.

Made with 100% natural ingredients that are free from toxic chemicals and sourced from sustainable farming, Zone-365 Beauty takes pride in its environmentally-friendly approach to anti-aging skincare.

The beauty brand sells nine vegan products and has a strong Amazon presence, with 95% of its revenue from Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and the remaining 5% from its online Shopify store. 

“It is a competitive and challenging market to be in because each customer is different. You can’t make a one-size-fits-all model, but we succeeded… we have many of the top-selling serums on Amazon.”

Charlie Rosenstein, Founder, Zone-365 Beauty

The Appeal

A generous email database with a steady monthly profit.

Pulling in a net monthly average of $18,000 profit, Zone-365 Beauty’s business continues to thrive.

A unique niche that successfully broke into an otherwise saturated beauty and wellness industry, the company’s eCommerce success was undeniable, with their 6.5k+ Facebook follower community a welcomed addition. 

After undergoing the process to become Leaping Bunny certified and passing all HIRPT testing for skin irritation—both of which are critical to successfully operate on Amazon—Zone-365 Beauty’s business value increased. The company also owns the trademark for “Zone-365 Beauty” in all European marketplaces.

Additionally, the company’s CRM has hosted around 16,000 lucrative contacts over their five-year lifespan.

The Journey

From instant inquiries to a seamless sale. 

Flippa’s digital marketplace is able to streamline a processes that may have been impossible.

Its seller platform offers competitive prices and fees that allows businesses to easily create a listing and receive inquiries or bids.

Zone-365 Beauty was listed with a starting price of $99,000, and within the first few hours garnered 470 views, 24 watchers, and 11 inquiries. 

“Flippa made it easy… It is frictionless.

The amount of traffic Flippa gets was intriguing and that’s how I knew it would probably flip faster than a traditional broker method.”

Charlie Rosenstein, Founder, Zone-365 Beauty.

And it did.

Charlie went on to receive two offers in less than a week—one was informal and one was formal—and settled on a deal in just eight days. 

The Satisfaction

A seamless experience felt from the heart.

Not only did Charlie sell his eCommerce business in just eight days; he was given the opportunity to sell it to somebody he knew would carry on the brand, grow it, and expand it. After all, the buyer matters.

“It’s like my baby. Something that I brought from the ground up.”

Charlie Rosenstein, Founder, Zone-365 Beauty.

Charlie loved the communication he had with his potential buyer and felt comfort in understanding the intent behind the purchase, which is why he offered the buyer three months of complimentary support to get him on the right path.

“I’ve never really used Flippa before and there’s always a learning curve when signing up to SaaS services and platforms. With that said, it was painless… I paid a premium price for extra services, but it was worth its weight in gold.”

Charlie Rosenstein, Founder, Zone-365 Beauty.

The Buyer

“My overall experience buying with Flippa was excellent,” says the buyer. “Everything from the ease of use of the website to the seller’s support made the whole process seamless. All my questions and concerns were answered promptly.”*

*The buyer in this article wishes to remain anonymous.

This won’t be the last time we see this buyer as they hope to purchase another business with Flippa in the future!

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