Save $ZERO and Still Retire a Multi-Millionaire by Don Henig

Don Henig at Own Your Future 2021
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Don’t save, invest

On this segment of Own Your Future, Dong Henig joins us to make a compelling case on why we shouldn’t save our money but invest it.

Don grew up in a household that was fairly fiscally conservative and his parents expected him to get a traditional job. However, Don knew this wasn’t the plan for himself.

He quickly found that not only did he enjoy starting businesses and building them, but he was also good at it.

For Don, when it comes to making the most out of your money, a rule of thumb is to spend on things you enjoy and avoid spending money on depreciating assets like cars — unless you can afford them, of course.

Golden rule of leverage

It’s important to understand the mindset of an entrepreneur and truly leverage it. The golden rule of leverage is to use it when you are profitable along with a plan to win.

If you’re not sure where to start, just go for it! Get out of your comfort zone. You’ll come across challenges, but you’ll be able to overcome them.

Tune in to find out how you, too, can retire comfortably.

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To hear more about what Don has to say, check out Accrueme.

Want to hear more from Don? Listen to his episode of The Exit podcast here.

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