Product Update: First Access Gives Buyers the Competitive Edge

Introducing First Access

Get deals 21 days before the rest.

We’re thrilled to introduce First Access, the ultimate subscription that gives you the competitive edge by providing exclusive access to new businesses on Flippa a full 21 days before anyone else.

With First Access, you’ll be at the forefront of the action, discovering, evaluating, and securing cash flow generating businesses before the wider market even gets a glimpse. Our in-depth analysis has revealed that an astounding 67% of Flippa businesses are snatched up by the buyers who get in first, those who look at a business within 21 days of it hitting the marketplace. By joining First Access, you’ll be among the elite few who can seize these opportunities swiftly.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Be the first to negotiate and get a head start on the competition. With 21-Day First Access, you’ll have the advantage of exploring the latest and most sought-after listings before anyone else. Don’t miss out on the chance to gain an upper hand in the fast-paced world of business acquisitions.

Skip the NDA Process

As a trusted premium buyer you’ll be able to view everything on our site including all search results and listings requiring NDAs – supercharge your outreach efficiency. On average, an NDA takes four days to get accepted. Get instant acceptance with First Access.

Get the Premium Buyer Badge

Stand out from the rest of the competition with a Premium Buyer badge. Looking at an on-market asset. Rise to the top and get preferential treatment. Missed the 21-day benefit…don’t worry, we’ve got your back. With your First Access Subscription you’ll proudly wear a premium buyer badge and stand out from the rest.

Plus, Exclusive Off Market Listing

Unlock a world of high-value opportunities not listed publicly in Flippa Search. With your First Access subscription, you’ll gain access to hidden gems that others can only dream of. Expand your options and increase your chances of finding the perfect business to acquire.

Act now to secure your exclusive First Access subscription and be at the forefront of the business acquisition game.

First Access is available at an introductory price of $99 p/month. Subscribe now to get ahead of the competition and unlock the potential for limitless success with First Access.

    Tony is the Head of Product at Flippa and has a passion for enabling organisations to innovate and disrupt the market. He's led growth and scale up strategies in Product and Revenue across the startup, SME and Corporate sectors. At Flippa, Tony is driving an expert team to build new features and products that give users the tools they need to get deals done.

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    Get a free valuation with Flippa

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