The title says it all.

Noah Kagan, the Chief Sumo as Sumo Group, employee #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint, spoke to 3 different entrepreneurs who were selling their content based online businesses on Flippa, bought one of them, and then gave it away to a lucky fan of his YouTube channel.

He literally bought someone a money making business right here on Flippa!

How To Buy A Business On Flippa

Putting gimmicks aside, what Noah did on this live YouTube video was what many of us are doing each and every day over Zoom, Skype, or just old fashioned messaging on the Flippa platform. He showed us what it looks like to go through the process of digging into a business and then purchasing it on Flippa.

If you’re curious about the due diligence process, what sort of questions to ask a seller on Flippa, or what to look for in a business, this video is a great tool as you can watch someone go through the motions in real time.

This isn’t a course. This isn’t an essay written by a so-called expert. This is a seasoned marketing guru legitimately talking to entrepreneurs and purchasing their online business.

Noah speaks to each individual, gets an understanding of what they are selling, why they are selling, and why they claim it is worth what they are asking and at the end, chooses one to purchase.

How To Write A Game Plan to 10x Your Affiliate Site

If the previous video wasn’t exciting enough, this second video is worth it’s weight in diamond rings. We’ve set this video to start midway through as that is where the real work chimes in.

Noah sits down with the former owner of ExecutiveIce, the affiliate site that he purchased from Flippa, along with the new owner of the site and they go through a 90 day plan to take it from a mere $436 in monthly profit to, well, the sky is the limit, right?

If you want to learn how to 10x your affiliate site, there is no better way than to watch people sketch out a game plan right in front of you.

You Can Buy or Sell Your Own Business Today

It might seem a bit ridiculous – buying a business and giving it away? But the amazing thing is that the process really is that easy.

If you’re looking to sell your business, start off with a quick valuation using our trusty valuation chat bot so that you have a good idea where to begin with your pricing. Or, if you are feeling confident, just get busy with your listing here.

If you’re keen to buy a business, you can start from scratch and search to your hearts content from our homepage, or, play around with our editor’s choice listings as a way to get started.

Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss is a marketing all-star at Flippa. He has well over a decade of experience running multifaceted marketing programs within the CPG industry and knows just what it takes to drive a business from vision to reality. You will often find him enjoying a cold beer on a hot day in Austin, TX, or you can always find him on LinkedIn.