TikTok is a social network, the application of which first appeared in 2016. Because of this, many are skeptical of her. After all, 4 years is not much. However, the platform is one of the most promising for a huge number of companies. And today we will tell you how to use it for effective business promotion.

Some TikTok Statistics

  1. In April 2020, TikTok’s downloads surpassed 2 billion

  2. TikTok has great coverage. The social network operates in 155 countries. At the same time, 75 languages are available to users.

  3. In September 2019, the social network became the fastest growing in terms of user engagement in the United States. Facebook dropped 26%. Instagram has increased by 6%. User engagement on TikTok has grown by 1533%.

  4. It is easy to track the demand for certain categories by hashtags in TikTok. In June 2020, users most often searched for entertainment content (443 billion views). Dancing is in second place. The next four categories are humor, fitness, DIY and beauty.

  5. According to statistics, 32,5% of TikTok users are in the 10-19 age group. Slightly fewer people aged 20 to 29 years (29.5%). In third place are users aged 30-39 (16.4%).

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social network that was created specifically for short videos shot with a smartphone. Essentially it is a lightweight version of YouTube. The main difference is the length of the video and the social aspect of how they are displayed.

Users have access to a large catalog of filters, masks and effects. Also, TikTok is associated with the Apple Music library, so you can add almost any song to your video which is why it has become so influential within the music industry, producing number one hits like the ubiquitous, “Old Town Road”.

The social network is popular with a young audience. Perhaps this is why videos posted on TikTok have a great chance of becoming a real meme. This feature made a hitmaker out of the social network.

TikTok has its own unique features. However, it also has things that are typical of any social network. For example, influencers. These people not only create content but also generate income through views, comments, reposts, and more.

The main reason for the popularity of a social network is its algorithms. They are based on artificial intelligence. As soon as the user opens the application, the algorithms launch the videos that are most relevant to him. This provides instant engagement. People can follow their favorite authors and not fill the feed solely with their content.

Why should businesses pay attention to TikTok?

We have already provided some statistics about the social network. There you can see that TikTok is developing rapidly. It attracts a huge number of audiences while delivering exceptional engagement.

This is a great opportunity for promotion. If a company can think quickly and creatively, then TikTok will become a platform for rapid growth. Brands that have joined the social network have already discovered the wide array of possibilities that come along with it.

The other great benefit is the low barrier to entry. Even starting right now now, you stand a good chance of reaching similar popularity as a competitor who has been at it for some time.

It’s all about the algorithms of the social network. They operate differently on Instagram and YouTube, which makes it difficult for new accounts. On TikTok, you can get millions of views for your very first video. Even if you have no subscribers. Content is decisive here. If it is bright, fresh, interesting and creative – it will be at the TOP.

How Does a Business Use TikTok?

To begin with, it is worth considering in general terms the myriad ways of promotion. On TikTok, they are as follows:

  1. Creating your own content.
  2. Collaboration with influencers.
  3. Advertising on a social network.

Which method or combination of options you choose is entirely up to you. Many companies run their own accounts. In doing so, they also collaborate with opinion leaders. This ensures that your content is distributed to a wide and loyal audience. A combination of running your own channel with targeted advertising also works well. Therefore, the main thing is to assess the possibilities, choose the potentially most effective methods, and develop a plan. If you need some guidance in Tik Tok Marketing you can try out some online courses for TikTokers.

6 Ways to Fill Your TikTok Account with Relevant Content

  1. Product presentation + music. This is a simple idea to present your products in a new light. You can make a whole show with it. Are you not ready for this yet? Okay. To begin with, you can shoot a video of the production and add a song that you like. This action is able to present goods in a completely fresh way.

  2. Leadership. Useful content with educational value is always interesting to users. TikTok makes it fun too. After recording a video instruction, you can add effects, music and even a few jokes.

  3. Parodies. Whatever you do, there are always specific people or situations that can be parodied. By presenting what is happening within your industry with a bit of levity is a great way to relate with your audience.

  4. Join a hashtag challenge. First and foremost, TikTok is an entertainment social network. This is not the place for serious sales and companies with complex products. If your business sells cosmetics or clothing, then you should not be afraid to look funny. The main thing is to choose the appropriate challenge. It must fit the topic.

  5. Show yourself at work. On Youtube, you could represent the whole process by filming a video for 10, 30, or 50 minutes. TikTok is better used for quick snippets of day to day life. A quick glimpse behind the scenes where we see orders being fulfilled or just goofing off at your desk. Get people excited by humanizing your brand.

  6. Create a duet. The difference between this video is that two accounts participate in it at once. It works especially well for collaborations. While the concept exists primarily for personal users, it can be a top chance to work with a complimentary business to gain some traction.

User Content

The challenge is to get people to create and share content. To do this, you can use your own account, or collaborate with influencers.

TikTok is a social network that’s perfect for this. High engagement and full user immersion make the task achievable. You just need to come up with something interesting. By encouraging customers to share their product experiences, you will get several benefits at once:

  1. Reviews.
  2. Product reviews.
  3. Material confirmation.
  4. A higher level of credibility in advertising.
  5. Recognition.
  6. Attracting a warm audience.

Paid promotion on TikTok

Hashtag Challenges

You’ve seen them on Facebook and Instagram. However, hashtag challenges have begun on TikTok. It is an integral part of a social network that is extremely popular.

The bottom line is simple – come up with an interesting task (dance, song, etc.), make a video example and assign a unique hashtag. By doing this, users will tag the post with your hashtag.

This method was used by Samsung. They decided to celebrate the launch of the flagship Galaxy A on TikTok. A challenge was created. Its purpose is to encourage users to use smartphone effects to create cool content. Thus, the abstract thinking of the brand is conveyed.

#GalaxyA Challenge launched in Germany. The campaign targeted 4.1 million active users. The brand enlisted the support of popular TikTokers (Selina Mour and Falco Punch). They drew the letter “A” on the palm of their hand and, as it were, passed it to another user through the screen. For the latter, the built-in functions for switching between applications were used. The message: “Galaxy A series connects you with friends.”

Results – over 30 million video views.

Also, users could overlay an author’s song. It was created just for the campaign. In general, specially written music is a frequent addition to challenges. It maintains the desired mood of the video and also creates a consistent rhythm and personality for the content created by users.

Brand Takeover

By choosing this type of advertising, the brand receives a full-screen banner that the user sees immediately when they enter the application. It can be an image or a video. Demonstration duration differs depending on the format. Images are 3 seconds. Video – 5 seconds. The advantage of this ad is the ability to redirect users to the App Store, Google Play, or a page on TikTok. You pay for views or clicks.

Augmented reality

Promotion through masks, stickers, effects and lenses. For this, branded elements are created. They can be in 2D or 3D format.

In-feed Native Video

These are ads in the user’s feed that pop up while viewing content. Performed in video format. The duration of the video is 15 seconds. Payment, as in the case of Brand Takeover, is made for clicks or views. Allows you to redirect users to the site. It is also possible to add interactive mechanics with a specific publication of your choice.


TikTok might be new within the social media landscape and there are have certainly been a few questions about its roots as an organization, but there is no denying the power that lies within its user base. It is a social network that captures users with exceptional personalization of content and native advertising. If you aren’t yet at least playing with TikTok, you should give it a try and see what the future holds.

James Riddle

James Riddle

Experienced in sales and restaurant businesses, James Riddle is a freelance writer constantly staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, branding strategies, and technologies.