SELLER SUCCESS – Influencer Marketing and Analysis Platform, Ninja Outreach, Sells on Flippa for $2.5million

Views 70K+, Watchers 905, Inquiries 170, Final Sale Price $2.5m

The 6-year-old influencer marketing and outreach SaaS business was sold on Flippa in November 2020 for $2.5m, giving the seller a 300% leveraged return on investment.

Influencer Marketing is Now a Proven Growth Marketing Channel

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing and most effective customer acquisition methods. Simply align your business or brand with an established, trusted online persona who is happy to promote your product to their followers and fans and… voila!

Sounds simple but the task of actually sourcing and contacting these individuals is cumbersome and can quickly prove insurmountable for the busy entrepreneur. So, why not spend a couple of hundred dollars a month with Ninja Outreach to streamline the task?  

Launched in 2015 and Putting the Power of Influencer Marketing at Your Fingertips

Ninja Outreach was designed and launched in 2015 to help small business owners and digital marketers grow their online presence, capture their target audience and build and maintain relationships.

With access to more than 100million social media influencers and bloggers, users can streamline their influencer marketing and lead generation with automated outreach, mass emailing and follow ups.

The ability to filter influencers by niche, location and keywords is invaluable and does away with the need for manual data entry and laborious googling. It effectively puts 76m Instagram influencers, 8m YouTube Influencers, 10m TikTok influencers, 7m Twitter influencers, 20ml business emails, and 6m bloggers at your fingertips.

It also includes a built-in CRM with sophisticated analytics and reporting which allows users to make, manage and track teams, conversations, notes, email open rates and responses. 

The Business Was Performing – Earning $60k Monthly Net Profit

Ninja Outreach received substantial attention on Flippa due to the growth and power of influencer marketing in recent years, strong recurring revenue, and a clear demand for accessible, high-value SaaS businesses from the Flippa buying community. The business had been operating in the space for a number of years with numerous updates and had a loyal, satisfied customer base.

The software comes with a no-obligation 7-day free trial and costs $299 or $499 p/mo thereafter for the pro/agency version which is payable monthly or yearly.  

For the period between September 2019 to August 2020, Ninja Outreach was averaging an enormous $63,688 avg. net profit p/mo with over 1,300 paying customers. SEMrush data revealed an authority score for the site of 59 and a massive 4,180 referring domains, 345,000+ backlinks and 228 total ranking keywords.

The sale included all customers, revenue, proprietary code and intellectual property, all social media accounts, server accounts, the domain, and access to outsourced existing support agent and developer. 

Flippa’s Buyer Base Was Interested – The Listing Was Viewed Over 70,000 Times

Ninja Outreach was first listed for sale on Flippa on March 21, 2020 by serial entrepreneur, Jean-Pierre Khoueiri, who acquired the asset a number of years prior through cold outreach. It failed to sell within the original 30-day auction period, however, once it converted to a fixed-price listing, the seller continued to receive and field inquiries until he received the right price/offer. This is typical. 

It is rare to see competing bids at auction for a SaaS platform of this size and the time to sale can be closer to 3 months. For this reason, high-value listings are more likely to sell via private agreement, whether in writing via the Flippa discussion forum or agreed in person or over a Zoom or phone call. 

By the time it sold in November 2020, the Flippa listing had been viewed over 70,000 times, had gained 905 watchers and received over 170 inquiries. 

The Buyer! 

The buyer leads an eCommerce technology company that uses AI to find and identify and then purchase, manage and grow eCommerce stores. While this acquisition was a bit left-field for the group, it made sense as they would be in a preeminent position to understand the importance and power of influencer marketing and the potential of the tool.  

Thoughts From the Seller

“Flippa’s team performed many of the steps an investment bank would’ve and at a very reasonable fee structure. Their large pool of professional buyers was a critical component for our successful outcome.” – Jean-Pierre

If you’re interested in selling a SaaS business on Flippa, please contact us at [email protected].

    Amongst other titles, Jane is a superstar account manager here at Flippa. She has been instrumental in driving sales for some of our most exciting listings, consults with our corporate team on legal matters, and has even dabbled in running a few online businesses herself.

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