How to Make Money on Amazon FBA: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking to know how to make money on Amazon FBA, then this comprehensive guide is for you. I’ll show you how to get started and be successful with an Amazon FBA business.

I decided to start a side hustle of selling on Amazon after hearing about a friend who was making a killing doing it. He told me that he was earning several thousand dollars per month in profit, and I was immediately intrigued. After doing some research, I found out that there were many people who were having success with Amazon FBA businesses.

And so, I decided to give it a try myself. Now, fast forward a few months later and my side hustle business has been booming! In fact, last month alone I made over $10,000 in profit from my sales on Amazon! If you’re looking for a way to make good money online, then starting an Amazon FBA business is definitely the way to go.  

Learn how to make money on Amazon FBA and be successful!

How to Make Money on Amazon FBA

The Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) program is a great way to make money on Amazon. It allows you to sell products on Amazon and have them fulfilled by Amazon. This means that Amazon will handle the shipping and customer service for you. All you need to do is focus on marketing and selling your products. You can also use Amazon FBA to ship products to Amazon customers from other sellers.

If you’re looking for a way to make money with Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a great option. With FBA, you can sell your products on Amazon and let them handle the shipping and customer service for you. It’s a great way to get started with selling online, and it can be very profitable.

To get started with FBA, you’ll need to create an account with Amazon and list your products for sale. Once your products are listed, Amazon will take care of the rest – they will pick, pack, and ship your products, and they will also handle customer service. You’ll just need to focus on marketing your products and driving traffic to your listings. 

The following are top ways to make money on amazon FBA in 2022

1. Sell your private label products

The number one way to make money on amazon in 2022 is by creating your own brand. 67% of all successful online businesses use this method.

A private label product is a product that is manufactured by someone else, but sold under your own brand name.

(The process of creating private-label products is quite common and has been used by retailers like Target and Wal-Mart for years.)

With Fulfillment by Amazon, or “FBA,” sellers can ship their products to an Amazon warehouse, and Amazon will pick, pack, and ship them for you. This is how online merchants — like you and me — can market products through and earn money from the transactions.

Private label products on Amazon are easier than ever thanks to the many perks that they offer.

If you’re looking for a way to get started selling on Amazon, private labeling is a great option. Thanks to Amazon’s easy-to-use tools and resources, it’s simple to find and manufacture products, and then sell them on the world’s largest marketplace.

Over half of private labelers make $5,000 or more in monthly income, and over 60% have margins over 16%.

Sellers who sell their own products, known as private labels, can make over $10,000 in profit. This is a substantial amount of cash that you can make through your own product.

Note:To learn more about how much Amazon private label sellers spent to get up and running, how long it took them to become profitable, and what categories they’re selling in, check out Jungle Scout’s The State of the Amazon Seller Report.


2. Publish Own Books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (or KDP) is a service that allows you to self-publish your own e-books and sell them on the company’s website.

KDP also allows you to print physical copies of your book in addition to digital formats.

If you want to become successful in publishing on Amazon Kindle, you’ll need to be a prolific writer. While it’s possible for one book to become wildly successful, it’s generally the case that the more books that you write, the better your chances of making money.

The more you write, the more you earn.

Up to $40,000 per month.

You could potentially make up to $40,000 per month as an author, but it would require you to be prolific and write on popular topics to gain attention.

Once you write the material, you can sit back and relax! You don’t have to worry about rewriting it or stocking inventory.

3. Sell wholesale Products on Amazon

Wholesaling on Amazon entails purchasing large quantities of product to sell through Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program.

However, the main difference between dropshipping and affiliate marketing is that with the former, you are marketing the products of another company. You don’t have to worry about the manufacturing or shipping of the items.

Selling wholesale goods on Amazon can be a great way to make money for a lot of sellers. It’s one of the most popular ways to earn money on Amazon.

Up to $3,000 – $4,000 per month.

Wholesaling on Amazon may be more difficult than it was a few years ago, but it’s still a great way to make money. There is a lot of competition in the market, but if you are able to find a niche and offer competitive prices, you can still be successful.

The Amazon marketplace is more competitive than the private-label market. This is because you will likely be sharing the “Buy Box” with other resellers.

When selling on Amazon, it is important to be aware that prices are often driven down in a race to the bottom by competing sellers. The only way to compete in this environment is by lowering your prices relative to your competitors. This can make it difficult to turn a profit on Amazon sales.

Plus, the key to making a profit is to buy your goods at a low price. If you can’t find good deals on the items you need, you won’t make any money.

Most wholesale sellers on Amazon make at least $5,000 in monthly sales. This is a significant amount of money and should not be ignored.

How can I learn to make money on Amazon selling wholesale goods?

If you’re interested in selling wholesale on Amazon, our guide will teach you the basics. Once you have a good understanding of how it works, you can use Jungle Scout’s Product Database to find products that would be profitable to sell.

4. Deliver goods for Amazon

Did you know that you can deliver packages with Amazon Prime Now?

Amazon’s Flex program is a great way to make some extra money. All you have to do is answer a quick questionnaire, download their app, and if you’re accepted, you can start making money right away.

Think of it like an Uber for package delivery.

Approximately $100+ per day.

According to the website, the hourly rate for an Amazon delivery driver is between $18 and $25, and shifts are around five-hours in length.

I’ve read that even if drivers finish their shifts early, they’re still compensated for the entire five hours. This is a great deal for anyone looking to make some extra money.

For $100+ per day, you can get a pretty good deal.

How can I learn to make money on Amazon as a Flex driver?

It’s best to learn how to be successful through Amazon Flex by visiting their website.

5. Become a blogger

Do you want to start a blog, publish how-to videos or recipes, or get your thoughts and ideas published? You can make money from Amazon while doing that!

This is a scenario where someone has found a product on Amazon and is trying to get others to buy it so that they can earn a commission.

With a blog, social media page, or email, you can make more money by referring people to a website.

Amazon’s Associates program is an affiliate program that provides a way for people to earn money by referring people to

The Amazon Associate program allows you to earn commissions by referring people to products on Amazon.

If you share this link, you’ll earn a percentage of the sale whenever someone makes a purchase.

This money-making method varies greatly in its returns.

The Associate is the most popular affiliate program in the world.

One way to make money is by sharing links. The commission percentages may not be high, but the conversion rates and volume from sharing those links can make up for it.

One downside to making sales commissions is that you need to have a strong internet presence. If you don’t have many followers on social media or a popular blog, it may be difficult to earn a significant income from commission alone.

6. Flip store-bought products with retail arbitrage

If you watched the US version of the office, you may remember the episode where Dunder Mifflin bought out all the princess unicorn toys for Christmas.

His plan was to take advantage of last-minute shoppers by selling the products for $200 or more.

And that’s how retail arbitrage, or buying products at retail stores and reselling them online, is done.

Arbitrage is when you buy a product at a low price and then resell it at a higher one.

Then, you list those products for sale on, marking them up by 20%.

The earning potential for this method varies.

Retail arbitrage can be a great way to start making money on Amazon. You can make as much or as little as you want with.

To be a successful arbitrage seller, you need to have patience. Many times, sellers can spend the better part of a day or weekend searching retail stores for products only to come up empty-handed. Don’t let this discourage you—many people start their Amazon selling journey using this method.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find any products to sell right away. Many people start their Amazon selling journey using this method and are successful.

How can I learn how to make money on Amazon with retail arbitrage?

If you’re looking to get started with making money through retail arbitrage on Amazon, Jungle Scout’s guide is a great place to start. It covers how to find profitable products to sell, so you can make the most of your time and effort.

7. Flip online retail store products using online arbitrage

Online arbitrage is when you purchase products to sell on Amazon from other ecommerce stores. This is different from retail arbitrage, which is when you buy products in a store to sell on Amazon.

Online arbitrage is a great way to find inventory to sell because there are so many possibilities for where to find products. With retail arbitrage, you are limited to physical stores in your area, but with online arbitrage, you can find products from all over the internet.

There are many opportunities to buy products online from retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, WalMart, and Target.

The earning potential for this method varies.

The amount of money you make with Online Arbitrage depends on how much time you put into your business. If you have difficulty locating products that will sell for a decent profit, you won’t make much money. There are good deals on offer, you just have to search for them!

There are great deals out there, you just have to go out and get them!

8 Ways to Work From Home As an Amazon Rep

In 2017, Amazon bought Whole Foods, which made Amazon one of the largest employers in the world, with around 650,000 employees.

Some of Amazon’s employees do not work at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Many employees at Amazon are telecommuters, meaning they work from home.

Amazon Work-From-Home Jobs – Around $30,000 Per Year

The amount of money you can make as a remote worker with Amazon has a wide range depending on the job.

A quick Google search shows that most of the available jobs are in customer service and data entry.

If you’re looking for a work-from-home job with Amazon, you could make at least $30,000 per year as a full-time rep. Amazon established a $15 minimum wage in 2018, so you would be earning a livable wage with this position.

How can I learn how to make money on Amazon as a work-from-home employee?

A Google or Bing search can help you find an Amazon job. But, if you’re interested in working for the company, you can go directly to their website.

9. Join the Mechanical Turk program

Mturk is a crowdsource market place.

The Amazon’s mechanical turk program is a simple way to earn some extra income. You can earn cash by contributing your talents to a variety of projects, such as data entry, research and survey participation.

Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing platform that enables people to collaborate and complete tasks together.

Approximately $120 – $200 for a 20 hour workweek.

Mechanical Turk is a work program on Amazon that pays less than some of Amazon’s other work programs.

Even though online reports claim that Mechanical Turk workers make around $6 to $10 per hour, this does not seem like a lot.

How can I learn to make money on Amazon with the Mechanical Turk program?

If you want to learn about how to work on Amazon’s MTurk, the best place to do so is by visiting their website. There, you can learn all about what tasks are available to you and how they work.

10. Handcraft your own items to sell on Amazon through Amazon Handmade

If you have a knack for creativity, you may want to check out Amazon’s handmade section.

By invite only, Amazon has invited certain artists to sell their handmade products on Amazon.

Producing your own products on Amazon is a lot of work, but the payoff can be huge.

Your handmade items can be discovered by a much wider audience through using Amazon’s platform.

Upwards of $30 per day.

If you’re a handmade artisan, you’re likely earning over $1,000 per month in sales. However, with Amazon’s massive audience, your earning potential with Amazon Handmade is limitless.

While it’s true that Amazon has high seller fees and takes 15% of your sales, 33% of Etsy merchants are earning more than 20% in profits. So if you’re considering opening an Etsy shop, don’t worry too much about the 3.5% transaction fee.

How can I learn how to make money on Amazon with Amazon Handmade?

Check out this article from our friends at JungleScout on getting started with Amazon’s handmade marketplace.

11. Sell your own hats, shirts, coffee mugs, e.t.c through Merch by Amazon

Don’t want to spend your money to create shirts or coffee mugs? Try a start-up like Zazzle.

Then Merch by Amazon is a great place for you to start.

With merch, you can upload your artwork into an Amazon product catalog. Then, that design can be put on anything from t-shirts to mugs to totes.

When a sale is made through Merch by Amazon, you earn money. Amazon creates the item, ships it, and you receive payment for the sale.

Merch by Amazon – How Much Do You Earn?

Basically, the higher the sold price, the higher the royalty you earn. Output: If you sell an item through Merch by Amazon, you will receive a royalty fee for that sale. The amount of the royalty fee varies depending on the product’s price, and can range from 13% to 37%. In general, products with a higher sales price will result in a higher royalty fee for you.

The higher the selling price, the higher your royalties.

The Amazon Merch royalties resource page provides a complete schedule of royalties.

Can you actually make money with Amazon FBA?

Yes, you can actually make money with Amazon FBA. There are many people who are doing it and they are making a lot of money. The key to making money with Amazon FBA is to find a niche that you can dominate and then build a brand around that niche.

Once you have built your brand, you need to drive traffic to your listings and convert that traffic into sales. If you can do those things, then you can make a lot of money with Amazon FBA.

Is FBA still profitable 2020?

FBA is still profitable in 2020. The main reason for this is that Amazon continues to grow at a rapid pace. In addition, more and more people are shopping online, which has led to an increase in demand for FBA products.

How much do Amazon FBA sellers make a year?

There is no one answer to this question as Amazon FBA sellers can make a wide range of incomes, depending on factors such as the products they sell, their business model, and the size of their operation. However, some industry experts estimate that successful Amazon FBA sellers can make anywhere from $50,000 to $1 million per year.


If you’re looking for a way to make money with Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a great option. With FBA, you can sell your products on Amazon and let them handle the shipping and customer service for you. It’s a great way to get started with selling online, and it can be very profitable. With this guide on how to make money on Amazon FBA, then you will have a starting point. Get started and make some money!




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