Imagine money coming into your bank account while you sleep comfortably in your bed. Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore, as this is possible if you own and run a successful blog.

If you’re wondering how to build a passive income blog, this article will provide you with all the basics and even quick hacks.

To start with, you have two options if you want to create a passive income blog. First, you can start from scratch, which requires a small budget. Second, if you have a budget, you can buy something already established on Flippa.

If you are creating a new one, you have to invest more time and may wait for months before the blog starts generating significant revenue. 

On the other hand, you may have to invest more money when buying an already established domain, but it can instantly create a passive income stream for you.

What is Passive Income?

Today’s buzzword is a passive income that allows you to generate a continuous income stream with an online blog. Today, a blog serves as a virtual asset that can be a passive income source with a lucrative ROI. 

Moreover, a passive income blog is self-sustainable, which only requires regular content and external/internal links update.

How to Build a Passive Income Blog 

Blogging makes you a boss of your own business by creating a smooth income stream, thus liberating you from the regular 9 to 5 office routine. 

Do you know many people are earning more compared to other full-time employees using the following and even more passive income blog techniques:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Target Ads
  • Digital Sales

The recipe to start a blog for passive income includes three base ingredients:

  1. A good site domain 
  2. An intuitive web design 
  3. Excellent blog content 

Site Domain and Design

A site domain serves as a fundamental platform to host your blog site. That’s the first step that requires you to invest your money, as you have to buy a reliable site domain and hosting. 

To start with, you need to buy a domain name that represents the niche you are writing about. The next step is to buy hosting services from a reliable website hosting provider. The last step is to buy a site template or theme, which is attractive and user-friendly. 

Once done, all you need is to create content, implement SEO, and generate traffic from all possible means.

Feels tiring? If this looks too much, and you have a budget to invest, you can also buy an already established blog. All you need is to buy an existing website from Flippa. 

When you buy an existing website from Flippa, you can start off to create passive income right away. You can save your time and energy in website development and creating content from scratch.  

Instead, you can redirect your efforts to generate more passive income sources.

Blog Niche and Content

A targeted niche serves a multi-purpose role of increasing traffic to your blog along with a higher conversion rate. All you need is to create unique and quality blog content for your intended audience. 

Blog Traffic Sources 

Once you start publishing your regular blog posts, you need to increase site traffic using different sources.

You can select a hybrid method of using both organic and inorganic methods. The inorganic process requires some investment to create marketing campaigns and to run ads. 

Organic methods reduce your budget by utilizing available resources like SEO, social media, and email marketing. 

Social media sources primarily consist of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also create a mailing list by inviting your audience to sign up for weekly newsletters and ebooks. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You surely want to have good relations with Google for a higher ranking of your blog site. The rule of thumb is higher the site ranking, the greater the audience, and consequently, more chances of creating a passive income stream.

Search Engine Optimization consists of the following set of rules to optimize your blog content: 

  • Link building
  • Keywords ranking
  • Fully-optimized metadata
  • Alt-text description for images
  • Quality content updates
  • Mobile compatible website

Monetizing Your Blog

It’s the part that we all have been waiting for after establishing our blog. Following are some profitable methods you can use to create passive income from your blog: 

  • Display advertisement
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital products sale
  • Sponsored content
  • Collaborative work
  • Blogging services
  • Product reviews

The only condition to generate passive income is to have considerable traffic on your blog; only after then, you can apply all of the above methods to monetize your blog. 

Here are some of the most proven ways bloggers make money

8 ways to monetize a blog

Sources of Passive Income For Your Blog

The second part will highlight some of the most common sources globally to earn consistent income on your blog. 


If you have a good ranking on Google search engine, then congratulations, your blog site qualifies to display ads. You can sign up with Google AdSense and other networks to run pop-up ads on your blog.

You can generate passive income in two ways: Cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM).

Affiliate Marketing

It’s the most popular source to generate passive income on your blog site. You can sign up for different affiliate programs relevant to your blog niche to earn commissions by promoting products on your website. 

You can generate revenue per product sale or subscription with the affiliate links, even from an article written years ago.

Online Products Sale

Next, you can use your blog to sell niche related products without investing a single penny. 

For example, you can sell various digital products like ebooks, calendars, organizers, templates, and many more. 

Ebook and Courses 

The joker has said it right, “if you are good at something, don’t do it for free.” You know what we mean here. You can research and create Ebooks and online courses related to your blog niche and sell them on your blog site. 


Dropshipping has revolutionized the concept of passive income, allowing you to sell physical products by linking any E-Commerce site to your blog. 

You need to use your blog as a medium to sell products from sites like Shopify. 

The rest of the tasks like products’ handling and delivery, depends entirely upon the third-party companies. 

Final Thoughts

An online blog is an entirely digital business that requires very little initial monetary investment (if you’re not buying an already established blog). 

For your convenience, I’ll summarize the entire procedure about how to build a passive income blog. 

It starts with a hosting platform, domain, and site design. Once you are done with the first process, you can start creating engaging content on your blog to generate site traffic and SERPs ranking. 

Hosting > Domain Name > Site Design > Blog Content > Traffic > Search Engine Ranking > Passive Income. This is it!

Kyle Kroeger

Kyle Kroeger

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