How does Broker Matching work on Flippa?

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Flippa’s business broker network

Flippa partners with a world-leading network of business brokers. Each of these brokers has been reviewed by Flippa and hand-picked to represent our ecosystem of high-value business owners. We’ve chosen them because we believe they can help you better prepare your business for a sale, liaise with buyers and ensure you get the most out of the Flippa platform.

When you join and choose to list your business for sale on Flippa we offer two options; either ‘Self Service’ or ‘Broker Matching’.

The big difference between the two relates to the value of your business. Businesses over a certain value will tend to require a little more time and effort to sell and a broker is there to help. They’ll take on the process. They will work to review your valuation, work with potential buyers, help prepare critical paperwork including the necessary prospectus, field offers and manage the DD process which can often be time-consuming and cumbersome.

So how does Broker Matching work? 

As you move through the process of listing your business for sale on Flippa, there are a few key criteria we look out for that may mean you’d be better working for a Broker.

Those criteria include the pricey your business is listed at, the age of the business and the profit your business generates. In general brokers are best for aged businesses generating over $3,000 profit per month.

If your listing qualifies for Broker Matching you’ll have the option at the payment step to select Broker Matching.

From here we review your listing and match you with the best Broker for your business.

If at anytime prior to your listing being converted you wish to opt for self-service instead simply contact [email protected]. Good luck. It’s a big decision to sell your business and regardless of the service you select Flippa will be with you every step of the way.

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