From App Creator to Rocket Launcher: Brad Younger Sold His App on Flippa for $470K to Fund His Dreams of Travelling to Space

Brad Younger is an ambitious entrepreneur living on the East Coast of Australia. He dreams of building an Australian rocket launch company and going into space. But until Brad makes it to space, he’s building and selling apps. The biggest of which was sold on Flippa for $470,000. This is Brad’s exit story.

Shoot for the moon 

Brad Younger lives in the northern beaches in Sydney, but he has dreams of travelling far from the Eastern Coast of Australia. What Brad really wants to do is get to space one day. It’s a big dream, but one that Flippa has helped Brad get a bit closer to reaching.

“I want to get to space, and Flippa’s helped me get there.”

Brad had always wanted to build something for himself, so when a friend put him in touch with an online retail manager looking for a way to manage orders, Brad jumped at the opportunity.

“This sort of married up, there was a need and there was a want, I had the skills to do it, so it all sort of fell together”, says Brad.

Now, Brad has built several apps, but there’s one in particular which Brad had a lot of success with. IDA Connect is an integration app for Ecommerce businesses, specifically targeting Ecommerce brands selling on The Iconic, one of Australia’s largest fashion and sports retailers. Acting as a middle-man, the app sends information between the marketplace and vendor to track inventory and orders.

It’s All in the Connection

Brad first came across Flippa in 2010. Back then, he had an information marketing site, his first ever website which he was using as a learning tool. It was around the same time that he heard of Flippa and remembers how easy it seemed to buy and sell online businesses.

But it wasn’t until Brad went to a Flippa Meetup event and connected with Ashwin, one of Flippa’s trusted Advisors. His conversation with Ashwin got Brad thinking about when would be the right time to exit his app business.

“I went to the Flippa meetup and met Ashwin, he was able to basically convince me that now is the right time to sell.”

And that’s exactly what happened. Brad listed his business on Flippa and sold it for $470,000. 

Selling at the Right Time

Brad didn’t know straight away when the right time to sell was, but after talking to Ashwin at the Sydney Meetup he started to consider what he wanted to focus his attention on.

“I decided to sell IDA Connect and then focus on my second app.”

But it wasn’t a smooth sale process. Brad a number of interested people, some of whom were financial investors, others operational investors, and took a couple of months to find the right buyer who would be capable and willing to operate the app.

“I started talking to a couple of operators and then the new owner came along and it was just a perfect match.”

Brad would never have found the right buyer if it wasn’t for Flippa. “I’d recommend Flippa because of the the reach they have in the marketplace.They brought in a lot of people looking to buy a business.”

“Flippa has changed my life by giving me the freedom and the money now to pursue other business ventures that I’ve always wanted to do.”

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    Brad Guy is a videographer and creative producer hailing from Melbourne, Australia. He loves capturing real human stories and bringing them to life through film and photography, with a coffee in hand while doing so.

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