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Flippa's Shopify Intgeration
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Flippa is excited to announce its latest listing integration which will help you sell your Shopify store on Flippa and further our goal in providing verification at the source for our buyers.  

Shopify stores account for about 22% of all Flippa listings. With this new integration, metrics like average order value (AOV), number of orders, fulfillment rate, return customer rate, and total revenue will be displayed on the listing page. This will give upfront information to buyers while at the same time, helping sellers to improve the appeal of their business through transparency and verification.

AOV helps sellers evaluate their pricing strategies and customer’s purchasing behavior. Since there is  strong correlation between improved AOV and revenue, sellers can evaluate and directly improve profit and revenue growth.

By having this information on display on the  listing page, potential buyers are able to assess customer behavior through average order value and see how the business is performing over time with revenue data. 

With clear and quick access to this verified information, buyers can not only trust the data, but make informed decisions about their purchase.

Who is eligible for this integration?

All eCommerce sellers who use Shopify are eligible. 

Does it cost anything to connect?

The Shopify integration is completely free of charge.

How does it work?

When the seller begins the listing process, they can select “Shopify” as the asset/product type. 

If you’re a seller and use Shopify, you can pull sales data directly from Shopify and display it on your listing, giving an added level of verification and visibility for potential buyers.

If you’re a buyer looking to acquire an eCommerce business that uses Shopify, you can now view verified Shopify data directly from the Flippa listing page. 

It works just like our WooCommerce integration.

As a seller, how do I connect my Shopify account?

New sellers. If you’re new to Flippa and are about to, or are in the process of creating your listing, you can connect your Shopify store by first selecting “Shopify” when asked which products you use to run your business. 

Please note that the integration will exist, but remain inactive in the ‘Integrations’ tab until you have paid for your listing. Once you’ve paid, you will need to navigate to the “Edit Listing” button and return to the “Integrations” tab from the listing builder. There, you will be prompted to enter your Shopify URL (my-store.myshopify.com), download the Flippa app and connect. 

Existing sellers. If you already have a listing on Flippa, you can simply navigate to “Edit Listing”, update the products you use to include Shopify, navigate to the “Integrations” tab, hit ‘Connect’ and follow the prompts.

It is important to note that the integration is not available for connection until you have paid for, and set your listing live. Once paid for and live, you can hit ‘Edit Listing’ and ‘Integrations’ and follow the prompts to connect.

Here’s a step-by-step guide, complete with screenshots of the process.

  1. Select Shopify. When you go to create your listing from scratch (i.e. a draft does not already exist), you’ll be asked to nominate what products you use to run your business. As stated above, select ‘Shopify’ and hit ‘Next.’
Flippa integration with Shopify
  1. Proceed to ‘Integrations.’ Under this tab, any and all eligible integrations based on the products you have selected will be shown. Unlike Google Analytics and SEMrush (who we also integrate with), the Shopify connection is distinct in that you will be unable to activate it until you have finalized, and paid for your listing.

To this effect, you will see the following notification next to ‘Shopify.’ 

Flippa integration with Shopify
  1. Complete the remainder of onboarding (from description to financials), add any upgrades or add ons, proceed to checkout and make payment.Once the listing is live, hit ‘Edit Listing’ on the top right of the listing page and then navigate back to ‘Integrations.’ 
  2. Once the listing is live, hit ‘Edit Listing’ on the top right of the listing page and then navigate back to ‘Integrations.’ 
  1. Enter your Shopify URL (i.e. [email protected]) and hit ‘Connect.’ 

Your Shopify verified data will now appear on your listing page, as below.

Flippa integration with Shopify

What information is shown?

  • No. of customers for 12-month-period
  • Total revenue for 12 months (USD)
  • No. of items sold for 12-month-period
  • Average order value (AOV) 
  • Average items per order
  • Fulfilment rate
  • Refund rate
  • Email subscribers

How often is the data refreshed?

The information from Shopify will be updated on the first day of each month.

For what period is the data shown?

It will be fetched for the most recent 12-month period.

Can affiliates also earn a fee from referrals?

Affiliates will continue to earn their commission fee as with any other activity from referring to a seller who lists, a seller who sells, and a buyer who buys.

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