Flippa’s Acquisition of BitsForDigits: Democratizing M&A in Europe

Flippa.com, the #1 marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, is expanding its European offering by acquiring Berlin based BitsForDigits.com, a leading European M&A platform. This strategic move is in perfect harmony with Flippa’s mission to democratize exits and business ownership across the globe.

Europe: The New Frontier in Flippa’s Journey

Marking its dominance in the European market, Flippa has seen impressive growth with over 50,000 new buyers joining the platform and facilitating 238 startup exits in 2023 alone, an exciting 50% growth year-over-year. The opening of a new sales and brokerage office in Amsterdam, coupled with the acquisition of BitsForDigits, underscores Flippa’s deep commitment to Europe.

The Booming Digital Business Landscape in the EU

The EU’s digital business sector is experiencing exponential growth. Research from Amazon’s EU Impact report highlights the significant scale, with 125,000 Amazon stores selling over 1.2 billion products. Shopify, Amazon’s major competitor, has shown robust growth in Europe, particularly in the UK, France, and Germany, with the number of online stores growing by hundreds of percent since 2020. This surge in digital commerce is mirrored in the SaaS industry, with Europe being home to 19% of global SaaS companies.

The Core of Flippa’s Mission: M&A for everyone

At its heart, Flippa is revolutionizing M&A for startups and small businesses. The acquisition of BitsForDigits.com is a pivotal step in our journey to make the process of business exits and ownership more accessible and equitable.

  • Expanding Access: We’re transforming the traditionally complex and opaque process of selling or acquiring a business into a transparent and accessible experience for a wider audience. Flippa combines technology with advisory services, ensuring all business owners, regardless of size, have the necessary tools and resources for successful exits.
  • Empowering Tools and Services: Our platform offers over 20 valuation consultants and certified M&A advisors worldwide. We provide embedded legal agreements supported by Dropbox Sign for efficient contract negotiation, AI matching for connecting buyers with suitable assets, and comprehensive data tools integrating with major platforms like Amazon, Xero, Quickbooks Online, Shopify, Google Adsense, Stripe, and more.
  • Fostering a Diverse Marketplace: Flippa’s diverse range of businesses offers a plethora of options for buyers, creating an inclusive environment where various business types can find their ideal acquisition targets.

Why BitsForDigits.com?

The acquisition of BitsForDigits.com brings several strategic advantages:

  • More High Value Deals: BitsForDigits.com’s revenue floor of $100,000 annually and their appeal to founders of profitable SaaS businesses especially fits the direction of Flippa’s growth as the go-to marketplace for all businesses – from $10,000 to $10 million and more. Flippa’s buyer base consists of thousands of institutional and company buyers making it the perfect home for those looking for a strategic and / or sophisticated buyer.
  • Complementary Strengths: BitsForDigits.com‘s focus on European startups complements Flippa’s broad marketplace, enhancing our reach across business sizes and types.
  • Shared Vision and Enhanced Capabilities: Both platforms share a vision of making business transactions more accessible. This acquisition provides our European customer base with a platform boasting improved services and a wider range of business opportunities.

Looking Ahead

This acquisition, a part of Flippa’s global growth strategy, solidifies our position as the leading marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. It’s a step toward a more inclusive and accessible world of business ownership and exits, opening doors for entrepreneurs and small business owners who might have found traditional paths to selling or buying businesses daunting.

In conclusion, Flippa’s acquisition of BitsForDigits.com is more than just an expansion of market reach. It’s a testament to our commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit and the democratization of business ownership, signaling a shift towards a more inclusive and responsive world of business exits and acquisitions.

Flippa CEO

As the CEO at Flippa, Blake leads a global team working towards empowering individuals and companies to take control, to take ownership and thrive in this new small business economy.

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