Flippa Announces US$11M Series A Capital Raise

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Announcing Phase 2.

Flippa Raises USD11m to democratise the exit and ownership of online businesses globally.  

Today, I am delighted to announce our Series A capital raise as we fuel the second phase of Flippa’s journey and ensure a frictionless pathway to exit or ownership for all online business owners globally. 

The journey to become the #1 marketplace to buy & sell online businesses started in 2009. Flippa’s founders saw an opportunity to help connect the entrepreneurs of today with those of tomorrow and since then we’ve witnessed hundreds of thousands of sales on the platform. Flippa started as a place where developers and engineers were buying and selling code, templates, domains and digital assets. Today, it’s a global community of business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, makers and creators who buy and sell the largest collection of online businesses available globally.

Phase 1 was exciting. We introduced our peer-to-peer platform, added third party expert brokers, a proprietary intelligent valuations engine, an auction system, legal and due diligence services, Flippa Private, smart search and our matching algorithm. This has cemented our position as the #1 marketplace to buy & sell online businesses. Collectively, Flippa has helped business owners realize over half a billion in value, to thrive through an exit and accelerate through acquisition.

The platform economy – where commerce and customers benefit from and favour online business models – has fueled a meteoric rise in entrepreneurship and online business ownership, and with the support of an USD11M investment, led by Sydney based OneVentures, we are now ready for Phase 2.

We will provide new ways to buy & sell. We will be adding a rich data insights platform, off market matching and alternative ways to structure deals.

We will become a market network.  Our buyers and sellers will be able to tap into a community of subject matter experts as well as access to financing and advisory service providers. It will be end-to-end. 

We will support more business owners. Flippa is already #1 for Ecommerce, SaaS, Content Sites and Apps. We will soon help you to trade ANY and EVERY digital asset type of ANY size. 

It’s exciting. Our mission – to provide a pathway to exit or ownership for all online business owners globally – is just getting started. The business owners, investors and entrepreneurs that we serve at Flippa are a dynamic group…you make, create and run the businesses used by 100’s of millions of  customers every day. We want to thank you for your ongoing support and can’t wait to see more of your stories on Flippa. 

For more about the Flippa Capital Raise and who’s involved, read our Press Release here. If you are looking for help with buying or selling a business, we invite you to schedule a consultation with a member of the team here.

To connect with me, contact me at [email protected]

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