I recently had a chance to interview Roshan Bhattarai, a successful web entrepreneur, after he placed a $32,000 winning bid for StyledThemes.com! During the interview Roshan gives us the run-down on StyledThemes, his business background, his experience buying websites on Flippa, and more!

Tell us about your online business background.

In 2009, my business partner Haico Duisters and I launched a successful software development company called Proshore. Our primary focus has been serving companies for whom Internet operations are a crucial factor. Sales and marketing are managed from our office in the Netherlands, while technical architecture and development are handled by our Nepali office.

When did you start buying websites on Flippa?

I discovered Flippa through Twitter and almost immediately I became seriously interested in the platform. I applied and was later accepted into Flippa’s private website brokerage, Deal Flow, and that is where I made my first purchase. Deal Flow is great because a lot of the screening and due diligence has been done up front, but I also keep my eyes out for great opportunities in the general marketplace – where I found StyledThemes.

Give us the scoop on StyledThemes, what does the site offer?

StyledThemes is a digital eCommerce site specializing in the sale of WordPress themes. Besides selling premium WordPress themes the site is also responsible for a set of popular themes available in the WordPress.org commercial directory. One of these themes has more than 138,000 downloads. The site also has a blog, tutorials, and a comprehensive support forum.

What ultimately led you to place a bid, and how did the auction play out?

As I mentioned, the site has some very impressive and highly regarded WordPress themes, and to me this was an indication that the previous owner, Andre, was a true artist. Additionally, Andre was extremely professional, detailed, and transparent in all of our correspondence, and he really stood behind his product. The more I investigated the site the more it became clear that StyledThemes has an excellent reputation which was further underlined by the positive reviews on WordPress.org and a highly coveted listing among the lucky few in the WordPress commercial directory.

As the auction unfolded I ended up head-to-head against another bidder. Given Flippa’s efforts to prevent auction-sniping by extending auctions an additional hour each time a bid is placed during the final hour, the auction for StyledThemes was extended several hours beyond its scheduled end-time. However, when the auction eventually closed out, I was the winner. At $32,000, I think this was a great acquisition. The time Andre invested into a smooth transaction only confirmed my suspicions that he is a true professional.

What are your future plans for StyledThemes?

When it comes to eCommerce, good customer support is crucial to ensuring a positive customer experience. In short, if our customers are happy, we are happy. Because of that, the first thing we did was get a grip on customer support. Now that we have that squared away, we have started developing new themes. We are also working on extending our current offerings. The first new themes should be out by December and once they are in place we’ll start boosting our marketing efforts. Beyond that, the sky is the limit.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs looking to buy websites on Flippa?

I recommend using the search filters when looking for opportunities on Flippa. Even applying a few filters can greatly improve the relevancy and quality of listings. The new Editors’ Choice section also seems to have a good selection of quality listings. Aside from using tools and features to better identify quality offerings, I recommend first determining what a site is worth to you before looking at the current price, so that you are not influenced by other bidders. Of course, you should only bid after conducting proper due diligence. Finally, do not hesitate to contact Flippa’s team if you ever encounter any issues. I really appreciate the brokers from Deal Flow and the support team for their fast and helpful answers.

This is Roshan’s Flippa success story, tell us your story by emailing me here.


Joseph Carroll

Based in San Francisco, Joseph is Flippa's Director of Websites.


I’m curious, why is it that you think they overpaid? Industry wide the trend for established website sales is typically 12x to 18x average monthly profit. At 15x this site lands directly in the middle of that range.

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