Introducing Direct Connect: The New Matchmaking Service for Institutional Buyers

Introducing Direct Connect: The New Matchmaking Service for Institutional Buyers

Selling a business is no easy task — that’s why we’ve partnered with the world’s leading aggregators to exclusively match them with the best Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) businesses across the globe.

Direct Connect provides instant access to buyers, circumventing the marketplace, brokers, and third parties that slow down deal flow.

Think of us as the “Kayak” of connecting Amazon sellers with the largest suite of aggregators  and institutional investors than anyone else, ensuring that sellers get the maximum exposure and opportunity to maximize the sale of their business. 

When you have the right buyers ready to purchase your business, that’s when the best deals happen. 

Are you an Amazon FBA seller ready to be matched with the best buyer for your business? 

We’re here to help. Here’s how.

What is it?

Direct Connect is a premium matchmaking service offered to institutional, merger and acquisitioners, aggregators, investors, and high-value buyers including investment firms and private equity.

How does it work?

Direct Connect is targeted at Amazon FBA sellers with a call-to-action of “getting a valuation” using the specific Amazon FBA valbot. The Val-bot creates a brochure page that SDRs use in conversations with partner aggregators.

If there is an expression of interest, we’ll reach out to the seller, qualify the listing, and ask if they’re interested in Direct Connect.

If they are, we’ll reach out to the buyers/aggregators that we have mandates and contracts in place and introduce the seller to the buyer.

There is a legally binding checkbox in the valuation tool for potential sellers stating that we have the right to shop valuation to buyers off market.

What Amazon FBA businesses are eligible for the service?

  • All Fulfilled by Amazon business owners
  • Amazon businesses that have operated for more than a year
  • Must be selling primarily through Amazon
  • Business must have revenue greater that $1 million in the last 12 months
  • Has a >20% net margins
  • Has strong ratings, reviews, and rankings
  • Has growth potential
  • Low SKU/ ASIN count

How much does it cost?

All eligible sellers will pay 5% commission on a successful sale. 

What’s included?

We’ll help you with your pitch to sellers and give you all the necessary tools to successfully complete a deal. We will get in touch with leading aggregators directly, and once the deal is finalized, we’ll connect you with legal representation and provide you with completely FREE escrow service.  

How is it different from existing services Flippa already offers?

It is different from Flippa Finder which is for first-time buyers looking for professional guidance and expert tips to set you up for success. 

Flippa Private is for Sellers with businesses valued at over $2.5M. Flippa will curate a small list of targeted buyers and partner you up.

Direct Connect is a service tailored to the more high-value Amazon sellers who want to access to the world’s largest network of aggregators.

Next Steps

Visit the official Direct Connect page to value your business and start connecting with buyers today.

    Manuela is the PR Manager at Flippa with a love for empowering entrepreneurs to take control of their financial freedom.

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