Introducing Flippa Data Insights: Unlock the Power of Online Business Data

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Flippa Data Insights. Access to this level of business sales data is the first of its kind with real-time sales multiples, search intent, time to sell data and more. This tool is set to transform how you approach online business sales and investments.

Whether you’re an investor or a seller, you can now filter data by time period, business model, and price point, providing you with the exact information you need to make informed decisions.

Discover What Online Business Investors Want

Search Intent

Discover the keywords investors and buyers are searching for every week, month, and year. With over 1 million searches monthly, Flippa is the epicenter of buyer demand for online businesses, and now you can track this demand in real-time.

View search intent data >

Trending Search Terms

Curious about the most in-demand business models? Wondering if now is the right time to sell your business? With Flippa Data Insights, you can see which search terms are gaining popularity every week, month, and quarter based on buyer searches.

View trending search term data >

Profit & Revenue Multiples

Stay ahead of the market by viewing the latest profit and revenue multiples of businesses sold on Flippa over the past six months. This feature allows you to benchmark and evaluate potential investments with confidence.

View profit & revenue multiple data >

Buyer Liquidity

Uncover where the largest pool of buyers is located and their buying power. With over 62% of deals on Flippa being cross-border, our interactive globe lets you explore our global buyer base, showcasing total and average budgets worldwide.

View buyer liquidity data >

Time to Match

Understand how long it takes for a business to connect with a buyer. Analyze the minimum, average, and maximum times for buyer-business connections, broken down by various price points ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

View time to match data >

Time to Sell

Gain insights into the average time it takes to sell a business based on its price point. Flippa Data Insights breaks down the time it typically takes for businesses priced between $100,000 and $1,000,000+ to successfully sell.

View time to sell data >

Unmatched Data for Unparalleled Insights

Flippa boasts the largest dataset of sold businesses in the industry, providing unique insights into revenue and profit sales multiples for different business types. With an average of 17K new buyers registering every month, we have a comprehensive understanding of where buyers are located and their budgets for business acquisitions.

We’ve organized all this data to offer you a clear view of online business sales trends, with customizable filters to refine your analysis. And this is just the beginning – we are committed to continually enhancing these data points and welcome your input on what additional insights you would like to see.

Discover trends, make data-driven insights, and stay ahead in the competitive world of online business sales. 

Get Started Today

Dive into Flippa Data Insights now and experience the future of online business data analysis. 

    Tony is the Head of Product at Flippa and has a passion for enabling organisations to innovate and disrupt the market. He's led growth and scale up strategies in Product and Revenue across the startup, SME and Corporate sectors. At Flippa, Tony is driving an expert team to build new features and products that give users the tools they need to get deals done.

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    Get a free valuation with Flippa

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