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Seller Success - selling a content review site on Flippa
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This growing Content Review Site sold for $55,000

John sold his two-and-a-half year old company, Electric.Travel on Flippa for $55,000.

Having sold a few content sites on Flippa in the past, he felt confident that his listing would reach many interested buyers quickly. Immediately, he received a lot of inquiries and was able to weed out potential prospects down to two, ultimately choosing one over the other due to speed of sale. 

“I immediately started getting a lot of inquiries. It was pretty easy to weed out the easy ones and not so easy ones. Overall experience, I liked the self service of doing things, as opposed to the brokerage.”

John Asbury, Founder, Electric.Travel

The Company

John started his niche travel and transportation website at a time where it was less competitive, giving him an advantage. The Content site is a review and comparison website on electric transportation. Through primary research with manufacturers, John was able to provide his audience with exclusive first-hand information on 90 products, the most popular being scooters.

“I think what’s most interesting for me is the idea that personal electric transportation will revolutionize,” says John. “It’s removing more cars and having different types of personal vehicles.”

The Appeal

A 2-year-old profitable and brandable business in the growing eMobility niche 

With electric transportation now revolutionizing the way people travel, electric transportation is a business niche and exciting opportunity for online investors.

Electric.Travel runs through around 20 different independent affiliate programs, with traffic streaming from the U.S., Canada, and Europe. At the time of sale the website was generating a monthly profit of $2,174 with a multiple of 2.1.

Life after the sale

As a freelance writer, marketer, and travel fanatic, John sees himself doing something related to travel post-covid. He’s excited to start his next passion project.

“I love Indonesia and the Philippines,” he says. “I’ve been all over, next up in South America. We’ll see where things open up.”

Wherever the next chapter of his life leads him, John is looking forward to many more adventures. 

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