Angela Hartnett Discovered the World of eCommerce on Flippa

Angela Hartnett discovered eCommerce on Flippa
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Angela Hartnett gets to run an eCommerce business all in the comfort of her own home. Better yet, she gets to take care of her kids while doing so. 

But it wasn’t always this way. 

After going through fertility treatment, she left her brick and mortar job and became a stay-at-home mom. 

That’s when she knew she had to do something with her time. 

This is her story.

When Hartnett started building apps centered on kid games, she came across Flippa’s marketplace.

“I used to build the apps and launch them on the Apple apps store,” says Angela. “After a few months, once they’ve kinda launched themselves, I would put them on sale on Flippa.”

During this time, Hartnett sold over 40 apps on the platform.  

That’s when she discovered the world of eCommerce. 

“Using the Flippa platform actually introduced me to eCommerce,” says Angela. “It opened my eyes to how eCommerce works and how eCommerce businesses actually have value.”

With this discovery, Angela became a full-time entrepreneur. Choosing how to manage her own time and finances has paved the way to a flexible lifestyle. 

“I run an Amazon-based FBA business and I run three different brands. All selling online through Amazon and Shopify,” she says. 

Now, an average day looks like dropping her kids off to work, coming home to manage her eCommerce business, and going out with friends for drinks. 

Our Flippa crew visited the Australian native in her hometown of Queensland to discuss more about her journey to entrepreneurship. 

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