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Over the years, internet marketing has gone through many changes. From social media to SEO to paid ads, the next trend is always right around the corner. However, one fact remains unchanged—content is king. No matter what you’re doing, content can almost always provide your audience with lasting value and keep them interested in what you have going on. With that in mind, if you can create irresistible content, you’re going to be a step ahead of the competition.

There are many ways for you to create irresistible content for whatever niche you’re targeting, but there are certain principles that can help you make content that can get readers interested. Below is a list of the top 7 most important things to do in order to create irresistible content for your audience.

1. Entice Your Readers with an Intriguing Title

First impressions do last, and the title is what brings readers in. It doesn’t have to be a clickbait headline that people on the internet hate these days, but at least make it something that gets people curious about the contents of the post itself. Whatever you do, make sure the content does fulfill the promise that the title puts forward.

The title must explain what is in the post, but it should conceal enough to have people want to read what you have to say. The title is like a teaser that hides a bigger prize, and reading the post must have a payoff that leaves the reader satisfied with what was written.

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There are various intriguing title ideas you can do without spending too much time. If you need some help choosing title for your next article, you can use the following tips:

  • Lessons learned – Your readers will definitely want know what you have learned in your subject area for their benefits in the future.
  • Use numbers – Using numbers in your headlines.
  • Use WH questions – These type of titles are already interested in nature. As an example, check this intriguing title by Flippa, How much is my website worth? Website valuations explained.

2. Keep the Momentum Using a Killer Opener

Now that you have a powerful title, it’s important to follow that up with a powerful opener to keep your readers engaged. Having a good introduction to your post is key to really hooking them in. If you have a clickbait title only to have a badly-written post with a weak intro, there’s a good chance readers will refrain from visiting your website in the future.

The introductory paragraph should contain the main idea of the whole post, saying enough about the contents while still leaving some details out that can be found in the succeeding paragraphs. It must then make sense once the reader finishes going through the post, thus being rewarded for reading the entire thing.

Every paragraph should always get your readers excited to read on. Take a look at the introductory section of Robert Mening in his tutorial blog post. Robert stated remarkable highlights of his website development career, which are intriguing.

You can also do the same, there are a lot of tips you can use to hook in your readers to reading your content. Try following these tips:

  • Highlight some facts or influencer quote in your introduction that are worth mentioning in your introductory paragraph.
  • Give a little sneak peak of what your content will cover. Let your readers read everything you have written.

3. Include Attractive & Catchy Visuals.

Use visuals to break up your text. If your post is just a wall of text, most people won’t even bother reading what you wrote. Images in a blog post are like summaries that can be identified in a glance, and they can get readers more curious about the details behind them, thus urging them to read more of your post, and having high quality and creative images increases that effect. They both attract and encourage readers to spend more time reading whatever you have to say about a topic.

Take a look at the post Jamie Spencer wrote on his personal blog: must-known to do’s when looking for a webhost. If you scroll down, you’ll notice he included an attractive infographic that provides a physical demonstration while also providing useful content.

4. Use Tweetable Quotes to Encourage Sharing

People like quotes (whether it’s from a movie or TV show they just watched), or a clever tweet or status in social media. Take this to your advantage by embedding tweets and statuses relevant to the topic on your posts, as well as making use of hashtags and other features to make people want to share them.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be current online trends and memes that are hot at the moment, although those can definitely help. Pay attention to things that are going on at the moment and pounce on opportunities that your blog can make use of.

One prominent advantage of tweetable quotes is they attract more readers to your content. Take a look at this post on Hubspot, the idea is enable people to share your content by sharing a statement that your readers will engage with. By creating opportunities like this, you’ll be receiving additional exposure outside your normal Facebook share or retweet.

To attract your readers voluntarily share your quotes, try the following tips:

  • Make your statement stand out from your content. If you use WordPress, try using the blockquote.
  • Add significant meaning behind your statement.
  • Make it short and simple. Remember: Tweets can only be 140 characters.

For more information about tweetable quotes, check out this post on BloggerJet.

5. Create Emotional Triggers

Always remember that the readers are human, so you must not just appeal to their intellect but also to their emotions. This is something marketers realized in the early 20th century with the advent of public relations, and it still rings true to this day.

Using emotion in your content is all about empathy and gratitude. The types of emotional triggers you should produce depends on your blog goals. If your goal in your blog is to help people earn money online, giving them inspirational posts will do such as:

  • Giving them ideas on how to earn money online
  • Sharing your income you made online in the previous year
  • Providing them tips and tricks on how they can earn online in a short period of time.

6. Think Evergreen

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant over time. The longer the shelf life of a post is, the more readers it can attract over a longer period of time. News and other timely posts excel at maintaining regularity of content for your website, but they have short shelf lives as they don’t remain relevant over time. That’s why those timely posts have to be coupled with evergreen posts that will remain relevant for years.

Evergreen content can include lists, guides, and other interesting posts that offer great value to a wide array of readers. Evergreen posts don’t have to be as long as novels, but they should at least be informative and entertaining at the same time.

7. Pitching is Mediocre. Tell a Story Instead.

Nothing triggers emotion more than a good story.

People love stories, which is why we hear so much about storytelling in marketing these days. It leads back to what was mentioned in the previous item about creating emotional triggers; nothing triggers emotion more than a good story. It doesn’t have to be very deep and intricate, but it does have to contain a human element in order to have people relate to it.

When you pitch, people immediately realize that you’re trying to sell them something, and most of them will just turn away. Most people don’t like being solicited to, which is why you have to take a more human approach. Telling a story is as human as it can get, and you’d be surprised just how effective it can really be.

These are just the basic fundamentals of what is an intricate art in creating irresistible content, but they can carry you on your journey towards finding your own voice for your content. If you also have your own tried and tested methods, please tell us about them on the comments section below.

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