A domain name develops the identity for your website or your brand across the internet. Just as a well-displayed storefront attracts you to come inside and shop, a catchy domain name directs more users towards your platform. 

When creating your website, you should prioritize purchasing a valuable domain name first. It’s one of the most important considerations for coming up with a blog name or branded website.

We know what you’re thinking. 

What makes a domain name valuable? After all, it’s just an address. 

But it’s an address for a piece of digital real estate. 

Believe it or not, proper domain names sell like hotcakes attributing to the increasing internet usage nowadays. People with upcoming websites look at them as a real estate agent looks at a corner penthouse. 

Here’s a list to help you figure out what makes a domain name valuable for your digital business.

Catchy and Easy to Remember

Everyone knows a person with an unusual name that no one remembers or pronounces correctly. In that case, we call the person by nicknames – to make things easier for ourselves. Website domains work in the same way. 

No one wants to remember or type down a confusing domain name. Most people won’t bookmark your site after one visit, so you’ll need a name that’s easy to keep in mind. 

It could be anything related to your business, your brand identity or even the hobby you want to do to make money. Just make sure it’s not too complex. 

Besides that, complicated domains are harder to spell out. 

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A short domain name always sticks to a visitor’s mind. That’s why, whenever you search for a domain name, the shortest ones are always taken. In a saturated market, you won’t find anything available below five letters. 

We cannot limit how many characters you should look for, as the availability will depend entirely on your niche or brand name. Keep in mind that the shorter a domain name is, the higher its value. 

While purchasing a domain name, go for only one word, if that’s available. After that, you can go up to two or three words. However, it would help if you made it a point to stay below 20 characters; otherwise, you’ll lose your visitors. 

No Hyphens or Numbers

Hyphens, numbers, and extra symbols make a domain name difficult to remember and easy to get wrong. Let’s face it; nobody makes an effort to keep the numbers and symbols in mind. Hence, a potential visitor may end up at your competitors’ site. 

For example, if your domain name is finance-world.com, people will remember ‘finance’ and ‘world.’ This can easily mislead them and take them to an entirely different page. In this case, ‘financeworld.com’ is a domain name that’s valuable for you. 

Furthermore, domain names with hyphens and numbers look cheap. A prospect may likely think your website is shady or incompetent and get turned off by a hyphenated domain. 

Ends With Dot Com

Sometimes, you may get the simple, secure, and catchy domain name, but it doesn’t end with “.com” (dot com). That lowers its value considerably. You see, when it comes to the internet, everyone wants it easy. 

As ‘.com’ is the most commonly used suffix, users tend to find it more comfortable than their counterparts, such as ‘.net’ or ‘.org’. Nevertheless, if you’re an organization that needs to target a geographically specific audience, you’ll want to go with dot org. 

Besides that, dot com is the best choice. Look at it this way; when a visitor clicks on your link through a search engine, they don’t always look at the URL. 

Even if they do, the ending is the last thing they’ll remember from the domain name. This means they most likely won’t reach your website again, and you’ll lose a valuable user as it is one more thing that they must remember should they want to return to your site.

Descriptive And Brandable

Most importantly, your online enterprise’s valuable domain name describes your brand or anything that your web portal represents. If it doesn’t do that, the domain name won’t do much to increase your online traffic or guide your target audience towards your page. 

As we mentioned, most users nowadays reach website landing pages through search engines. To attract the people who search for your services, you should have a domain name that includes the most common keywords from your niche. 

Apart from that, the descriptive name should be short and catchy as well, as the user will naturally choose the most attractive one from the list. 

Nevertheless, in some cases, your domain name doesn’t need to describe your niche. For example, gaming sites like Miniclip.com don’t describe their niche from their domain names but have managed to create a brand name. 

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Final Words

Wrapping this up, many aspects make a domain name valuable for a website. In a nutshell, you should look for a user-friendly domain name. The more it appeals to your users, the more organic traffic your website will generate. 

Remember, unique and catchy names make your domain brandable, but unless you’re targeting a worldwide audience, a short and descriptive domain will do the trick. 

Nevertheless, it would be best to remember that a perfect domain name that fits all these aspects is difficult to find. Until you find the perfect one, anything that ticks most of the boxes is an excellent choice.

Kyle Kroeger

Kyle Kroeger

Kyle Kroeger is the owner of FinancialWolves.com. Financial Wolves is a blog focused on helping you make more money to achieve financial freedom. After repaying student loans, I’ve shifted my focus to make more money from side hustles, real estate, freelancing, and the online economy. Follow us on Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.