Super Sellers

The Flippa Super Seller program recognises sellers on Flippa who consistently provide a great experience for buyers.

They build and sell great sites, domains or apps and go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service.

They are all-around great Flippa citizens.

What Makes a seller "Super"?

  • They represent their wares honestly
  • They provide fantastic buyer support through the transaction and transfer process, and post-sale
  • They sell a product that their buyers are happy with
  • They consistently abide by Flippa's Site Rules
  • How do I know if a seller is a Super Seller?

    Super Sellers are identified on the site by this icon. You’ll see it on all their listings, as well as on their Profile page.

    What perks do Super Sellers get?

    As recognition of the great experience Super Sellers provide to buyers, their listings are given a higher priority in search. You can spot them with their distinctive green icon.

    What are the requirements of a Super Seller?

    To become Super, sellers need to have demonstrated:

  • A stellar history on Flippa over a period of time
  • A near perfect feedback rating
  • A high volume of transactions
  • The application process takes some time and not everyone is accepted. If a Super Seller’s squeaky clean record is tarnished in any way, they’ll be removed from the program should they no longer meet the criteria.

    What if I have a problem with a Super Seller?

    When buying on Flippa, we strongly encourage you to perform thorough Due Diligence, even when purchasing from a Super Seller, to ensure that the product is as described and matches your expectations.

    We stand behind our Super Sellers because they've proven themselves in the Flippa marketplace extensively. However, we naturally can’t guarantee a complete absence of issues. If you have a problem with a Super Seller, get in contact with Customer Support ([email protected]) as soon as possible, and we’ll do our best to remedy the situation.